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Organic Ginkgo Leaf Powder

(24 customer reviews)

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Organic Ginkgo – Brain Food for Healthy Aging Spiders, bees, saying hi to a stranger, driving on the interstate. The chemical in ginkgo has one main function: to maintain healthy blood circulation, which supports your aging brain, eyes, ears, and legs.


Ginkgo is one of those herbs that is fantastic to add to your diet as another health insurance policy for health prevention. Ginkgo seeds also contain substances that might kill bacteria and fungi that cause infections in the body.

Other benefits that researchers have found that ginkgo may be good for:

  • Improves circulation around the brain, so it helps with stress.
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar.
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Organic Ginkgo Powder

Organic Ginkgo Leaf Powder

The Ginkgo biloba tree is one of the longest-living tree species in the world, with each tree living as long as 1,000 years. Ginkgo leaves have been used medicinally since at least 2600 B.C. It has long been used as a cognitive booster, as well as slowing down all forms of dementia.

The Facts

Guaranteed freshness.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information click here.


Suggested Use

Gingko powder can be added to hot teas, or simply as a supplemental addition to a smoothie.

Why You Will Love It

There are a lot of scary things out there. But nothing compares to the unforeseen future of our brain health as we age. So this is why we carry organic ginkgo powder for our shoppers to help support and maintain a healthy brain for more peace of mind. Excuse the pun.

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Organic Ginkgo Powder
ginko leaf 300x300px
Organic Ginkgo Powder

Organic Ginkgo Leaf Powder


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24 reviews for Organic Ginkgo Leaf Powder

  1. Patrick C. Dixon

    I don’t know how to give a review of this product. I’m sure it’s great for someone without MS, but it’s not great for me. I have MS and I started having weird systems after using this, I thought it would help. And I wish it had. But if you have MS or an illness like it, do your research and talk to your doctor first before using.

  2. Don

    This is a good product for your health. We have been using Ginkgo for a few years now with other product from nature for overall health benefit and they do work if you are paying attention to your body and health!

  3. Benjamin Nelson

    The description of this item says 16 oz. I noticed the picture said 8 oz. I assumed the picture was of a smaller size. When we got the bag, it says 8 oz on the bag too. We were ready to re-order and get another bag since we needed the 16 oz. As it turns out, when we weigh the bag, it’s is 16 oz – just miss labeled on the package.

  4. m. parkman

    Good product, thanks.

  5. Dorcas Valenzuela

    I will start this product today, I bought it because someone recommended

  6. Ana Canas


  7. Mary Manary

    Best tasting Ginkgo I have ever tried, highly recommend!

  8. frank

    I have had chronic migraines for over a decade now, particularly bad in the winter months. I have been using this product for 6 months now and feel a difference in the amount of migraines I get and the intensity of the ones I do get. The taste of this brand is pleasing on top of the benifits.

  9. Melissa Looyschelder

    I used to take Gingko Biloba capsules, but much prefer adding this powder from Alovitox in my morning mental booster smoothie. The powder is of an appealing, clear texture. The packaging is professional looking. I will certainly buy this product again.

  10. MC

    Came just as the page shows. No leaks or tears in package.

  11. Devil_92

    Good taste
    Stress relief
    Improving focus and concentration

    Not reasonably price
    No scoop

  12. MLC

    This is my favorite Ginkgo product by far of all I have tried. I definitely feel like my memory is improving. Highly recommend this product!

  13. Amazon Customer


  14. Raymond Lopez

    Better mental wellness

  15. seth

    I like it so far!

  16. Quark

    Great product. Better than I was expecting.

  17. Bryan Kerr

    Ginkgo Biloba is the ancient and all natural herb that effectively eliminates what most people refer to as “brain fog”. I can confirm that after several days of consecutively consuming at least two teaspoons of this product, I felt like my mind was much clearer and my recall were improved as well. Ginkgo alone has a very strong flavor, so I found that mixing it in with a daily smoothie or shake was best for me. I would definitely recommend this to anyone seeking to hone their “mental edge”.

  18. Amazon Customer

    I decided to switch from capsules to powder. This product is a good value and has a good flavor. In my opinion it is a better form to take this supplements.

  19. Tiera Herring

    Great addition to smoothies. Not alone.

  20. Sandra Foster

    I have been using a number of different herbs for a while, though I haven’t used Gingko for a while. I have been feeling as though I needed more mental clarity & a boost and bought this product. I also notice while researching that Gingko and goes well with Ashwagandha which I had already been taking for a while.

    After few weeks after adding Gingko I notice that I was remembering things! ….including some names from YEARS ago!! That’s deep because normally I can’t remember names of people I met last week! Its only been several weeks, and the recalls are random, but I can say that I have definitely noticed a difference.

  21. Endives

    Tastes fresh

  22. Plumee Mark

    This product presents well. The powder is dry, the packaging is good, product seems pure. Have not had any bad reactions to it. Just got started with the pills I made from it. Will update with results. Will buy again.

  23. Nysha

    I saw improvement in memory and focus!

  24. Hadi Zahedi

    One of the best Ginkgo Leaf Powders I have ever experienced

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