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Organic Goji Berries

(150 customer reviews)

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Are you a fan of cherries or cranberries? If so, then you have to try our easy to eat plump and juicy Goji berries. We’ve picked them straight from the vine and precisely dried them so that you can enjoy these Goji berries as a snack or in your favorite dish.


With a unique and savory taste, Alovitox’s organic Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, are a delicious superfood snack that is rich in nutrients like fiber, antioxidants, protein, potassium, and 11 essential amino acids that your body isn’t capable of producing on its own!

goji 300x300px
Organic Goji Berries

Organic Goji Berries

Goji Berries (Lycium barbarum), also known as wolfberries used as part of traditional Tibetan and Chinese medicine for over 2000 years, these succulent berries are small but mighty! Our organic Goji Berries are grown in the fertile valleys of Ningxia Province, China. Here, in their indigenous terrain, the berries are vine-ripened, harvested in the summer months, and dehydrated at low temperatures for maximum nutrient preservation.

The Facts

Guaranteed freshness.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information click here.


Suggested Use

Goji berries can be snacked on right out of the bag just like raisins, or added to teas, juices, trail mix, granolas, smoothies, salads, desserts, cereals and so much more.

Why You Will Love It

With a unique and savory taste, Alovitox’s organic Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, are a delicious superfood snack that is rich in nutrients like fiber, antioxidants, protein, potassium, and 11 essential amino acids that your body isn’t capable of producing on its own!

Organic Goji Berries
goji 300x300px
Organic Goji Berries

Organic Goji Berries


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150 reviews for Organic Goji Berries

  1. Amazon Customer

    Highly recommended,I tried the other ones in this brand( Coco morning, & Maca powder) as well, and loved all of them,with a really good quality and healthy product.

  2. Yaya

    Excellent golden berries with a sweet, tart and perfect flavor.

    They are very fresh, not dried out and color is pretty bright compared to other ones I had tried before. Overall, will definitely buy and definitely recommend it to others.

    Just have to keep myself from eating a bag every couple of days! This is a perfect snack I take a pouch to work and just snack on while working.

  3. Christy G

    The berries taste amazing will buy again.
    And, shipping was speedy.
    Thank you !!!!

  4. Elizabeth Zelaya

    Perfect healthy snack!

    I like having snacks all the time, specially when I am at work, where I store a stash in my desk drawer. Dried fruit as a snack often has sugar or sulfides added, which I stay away from, but these only contain golden berries (gooseberries) with no additives as a bonus. I love the tart taste. Reminds me of eating Sour Patch Kids when I was a kid myself, except that this is an adult healthy version, packed with vitamins and antioxidants! If you like sour and tangy snacks, these are the perfect fix for your snack needs.

  5. Amazon Customer

    hands down favorite health snack!!

  6. Emrys


    The sweet and tart flavor is unique and delicious. I eat them alone and add them to my trail mix.
    I would highly recommend to anyone who loves a tart &sweet and very healthy snack!
    Great product, and great packaging. It maintains freshness, flavor, color, and longevity.

  7. Amazon Customer

    I love these berries. They’re pretty addicting, ate the whole bag In one day. Perfect combination of sweet and tart.

  8. Marcin Kedzierski

    Exactly what I was looking for, great taste and its healthy for me.

  9. Adrianna


  10. Mike

    Great quality of GOLDEN BERRIES in the market. I tried different brands and ALOVITOX is the best.
    Thank you!

  11. Amazon Customer

    Super large and fresh dried goldenberries. Very happy with the quality. These will be my first choice on future orders.

  12. Frespkr

    These are indeed quality golden berries and are soft and as described. However, although the product is excellent, it is quite a bit more expensive than other similar products although the vendor said that they choose their suppliers carefully and are more attentive to quality. I have had other Golden Berries of similar quality at lower prices, organic and from Peru grown by small farmers high in the Andes.
    I received the following explanation from the company which did not convince me why they are more expensive for what, based on my experience with other brands is not a unique product justifying a 50-60% premium.

    “We have one goal in mind, and that’s to provide the healthiest alternative, sourced from organic and dependable sources. We source our product from farmers in Peru, and being very selective on the quality of product, while paying extra for it to be consistent year round. Unfortunately that increases our cost, and we have no choice but to charge more. We understand that we are not the cheapest brand out there, but the costs associated with making sure our product is of the highest quality, with every batch, are simply higher. We do hope that the quality speaks for itself, and despite this order having been made in error, we hope that you don’t regret the purchase.
    “We have one goal in mind, and that’s to provide the healthiest alternative, sourced from organic and dependable sources. We source our product from farmers in Peru, and being very selective on the quality of product, while paying extra for it to be consistent year round. Unfortunately that increases our cost, and we have no choice but to charge more. We understand that we are not the cheapest brand out there, but the costs associated with making sure our product is of the highest quality, with every batch, are simply higher. We do hope that the quality speaks for itself, and despite this order having been made in error, we hope that you don’t regret the purchase.”

  13. Kaveh Keihanizadeh

    I believe this is the best and the highest quality organic golden berries I’ve ever tasted. Surely, I will make more purchases.

  14. Amazon Customer

    very pleased with the product just getting use to the tart taste

  15. John

    First time. Taste great. Reasonable price. Kids love it.

  16. fara abbasian

    The best quality Goji Berri I have had so far,for a great price.I highly recommend it.nice packaging and fast shipment.

  17. Mary A Button

    Tart and yummy. I’ve found a new favorite snack and have ordered more.

  18. DW

    Loved them!!!

  19. meitenezeltene

    fresh tasting . would buy again

  20. Dash Masti

    bought 3 different brands and this one was the largest and softest ones…not dried like other ones i bought

  21. Dash Masti

    very good goji. will buy again

  22. yating

    Supper good! This Goji berry is bigger then other ones I bought before. And taste very sweet!! I ate it as snack and also use it to make soup and dessert. Love it a lot! Highly recommended!

  23. Alex

    Yummy! Definitely recommended!

  24. Eujchow

    This is what I want

  25. leo a libby

    Great product, excellent flavor.

  26. Linda Hiltrtl


  27. Big Consumer

    Delicious and Tart…Tried a lot and most of the ones out there are dry and taste old..These are very fresh and go great with Dragon Pearl Green Tea..Love em mmm mmm Good!

  28. Ilonka

    Love these! Nice and tart, just wish there were more in the bag.

  29. Eduard firgiyev

    Grad product thank u i love it

  30. Timothy

    Great flavor and quality on these. I use them as part of a trail mix and they are so tart and tangy, can’t get enough of them.

  31. noelholly

    I love these Goji Berries; they are yummy just eating a handful out of the bag or they also mix in and taste great in my smoothies.

  32. LS

    Looking for a healthy snack for my food allergy kids, and saw these, read the reviews and they were good but, I was not expecting much. Wow, was I wrong! These ARE amazingly delicious. Super fast shipping. The whole house is fighting over them. Excellent!

  33. RPM

    These things are HORRIBLE. Made in China. Full of sugar and carbs. The taste is so bad I can’t even describe it. YUCK.

  34. toofun77

    I mainly ordered this brand due to the reviews, and boy were they right. These golden berries are truly the best ones I’ve tried to date.

  35. toofun77

    I add these to my cereal in the mornings as a nutritious addition. It beats what they stuff into flavored cereal these days.

  36. jackie 63

    arrived quickly and tangy like he fresh golden berries

  37. Tae S.

    I like it

  38. Steven Kramer

    Excellent and delicious product.

  39. SFS

    These Golden Berries are delicious — fresh-tasting and satisfying, both in salads and as a snack with nuts. I will definitely be ordering more of these!

  40. loving books

    This is my first experience with the Golden Berries. I am enjoying them immensely.

  41. nancy m morales

    Super soft and moist goji berries are hard to find, since they are usually extra dry and hard. I really like the moisture content and plumpness of these berries.

  42. Kevin

    Phenomenal taste and quality. Moist

  43. Perfectionist

    From excellent to not good.

    Very brown burned color, dried up and sour. They used to be light to darjer amber color and soft and sour-sweet to lightly sour.

    The second set I got-one package was excellent. The second was a bit dry and there were dark brown berries-not as good. they should be soften and amber or light amber color. 🙂
    Otherwise, I still recommend this brand-there’s just one other company that exports nice goldenberries-they aren’t on Amazon though.
    I usually order from both places. 🙂

    Perfect snack!

  44. Becky Smith


  45. JC in NC

    These berries are delicious. Sweet & tart.

  46. Amazon Customer

    Love them..fresh and taste awsome

  47. Mr. D.

    Great tasting berries!

  48. Mr. D.

    Great tasting berries!

  49. laly

    Love them very tasty and excellent quality

  50. Lila Thompson

    Dried Goji Berries great. Like a fruit leather to eat with nuts or other dried fruit. A couple of tablespoons also excellent with my morning oatmeal.

  51. Anna

    Awesome! Fresh, chewy with great taste- exactly the way I want. Will definitely buy again!

  52. Yalda.R

    Highest quality and best tasting Golden Berries I ever had. I sometimes add it to my salad, sometimes to yogurt, smoothies or snacks. It helps me to lose weight easier since it has low calories, a lot of nutrients, and a high protein content. Above all, Golden berries are a great means of detoxification and antioxidants.

  53. Yalda.R

    Good one

  54. CR

    I really enjoyed the berries,you could tell they were very fresh and they were delicious!
    I will be purchasing them again.

  55. feather

    these are great for snacking but be ready for the tart taste. but I really like them

  56. Brenna

    Loved these. They are not very sweet at first but once you start chewing on them they release a lot of flavor! I will be purchasing again once this decent sized bag runs low!

  57. gprichard

    These goji berries are more moist and larger than I’ve had before, I am pleased.

  58. RavenSilvereyes

    Awfully bitter and sour. They tasted like the berries were not ripe. Horrible! Nothing like the berries I ate as a child.

  59. Palak

    The product arrived jut as expected and this was my first time trying out Goji Berries. They arrived fresh and were delicious.

  60. Ben

    These were the top quality I have ever seen them!, fresh, juicy , soft and chewy! just perfect!

  61. Kimm

    I got these today. I tried them with my 17 year old daughter and her boyfriend. The consensus was as follows: Daughter: didn’t like the after taste. Boyfriend: it was a big no go. Me: I really enjoyed them. They are mildly sweet and almost have a hint of licorice. I’m excited to try them rehydrated in a smoothie. I’m giving them four stars. Would purchase again. Hey in the long run more for me.

  62. Steven P Schuessler

    The berries taste very good. I like the idea of a super healthy snack with protein

  63. Bill

    Arrived promptly, good condition, taste great and organic! Def recommend!

  64. nicole

    Would of appreciated these goji berries more had someone thought to look at expiration date on pkg.

  65. When I feel like it

    I purchased these looking for something high in fiber for my 2 year old who has issues…going potty… I read the reviews and liked what I saw. I hate to mark them down for my own personal preferences, I didn’t have any issues except these are not for me. They are not sweet, they are quite bitter and have a strange after taste. Needless to say my kids hated them, I hated the taste. My our taste preferences are on the sweeter side.

  66. EmilyCTexas

    I bought this product for my mom and she really likes it a lot! We will purchase again for sure.

  67. Julie Perkins

    I got to taste them when they first arrived. After that – my husband claimed them and consumed them.

  68. Sparky

    Great product!

  69. fizz

    It is a good product and it is best used, soaked overnight in water.

  70. Michelle Hargis


  71. Janina

    Omg grat product

  72. Amazon Customer

    Great product. A tart, sweet treat.

  73. Amazon Customer

    We have been purchasing these Organic Goji Berries for a long time and they are always excellent quality and a great healthy snack. My kids love them and we use them for nutritional purposes as well! Thanks for growing them organic!

  74. steve99

    I got this as part of shake ingredient, but after making my shake, I can’t stop eating it by handful. It was delicious.

  75. Alexandra

    Healthy snack. Kids like it.

  76. RICH R.

    Good snack food.

  77. Brooke

    When we purchased these I didn’t know what to think but when we received them I couldn’t help but eat these by the handfuls. They are absolutely delicious! We will definitely be purchasing them again.

  78. Steve Duerson

    I love goji berries. I put them in my smoothie every day.

  79. Patricius

    I eat daily this Dried Goji Berries adding it into my cereal for breakfast. It gives me energy boost and Vitamin C. It tastes very delicious.

  80. Kristopher Allen

    Great product. Very good taste and fast delivery.

  81. Amazon Customer

    Love these berries. We eat them as is or I’ll re-hydrate them and blend them into my fruit juice.

  82. MamaDog

    I was getting these at my local health food store bc they are so good for you, but it was really breaking the bank. These are much more doable. Taste great and are very fresh, just lose 1 star bc still more expensive than I’d like.

  83. Joseph

    They taste great. They are a great addition to cold and hot cereals. Also, just plain as a snack.

  84. Jane A. Simcock

    I love the chewy texture!

  85. Kathryn D.

    After my husband was diagnosed with cancer we changed the way we eat so I love knowing that Goji berries are a healthy snack or additive to my yogurt every day, also cereal and oatmeal. I love the taste and that they are a little chewy adds a nice texture to my otherwise plain yogurt meals. Don’t ever stop selling these.

  86. Chuck

    Product stays loose and good color and flavor. On large package size need better package easier to open and close.

  87. Rainbow Di Benedetto

    I find these very addictive, although I cant eat a lot of them at once. They are for those who like that tang of tartness.

  88. LAZY

    I have tried a number of goji’s, and finally stopped testing and settled down on Alovitox brand. This is the best.

  89. AnonMD

    We recently added Goji berries after finding out I have two copies of A69S of ARMS2–giving me an increased risk of macular degeneration. If you have not had Goji berries before, be warned they are quite different from other dried fruits–dry to almost crispy and very chewy, and a distinctive aftertaste. But once you realize you’re not eating a strangely shaped dried cranberry, they are good in their own right. My husband at first was unsure, but now I can hardly keep them stocked because he snacks on them constantly.
    We are very pleased with this bran:, the berries are large and almost plump, and the price point is well below that at our local stores and other offerings here on Amazon. My only wish for change is that they were in environmentally friendly packaging.

  90. Patty

    Wanted to try Goji berries and went with this brand. They arrived on time and were clean, no particulates! They are slightly sweet with an aftertaste of, maybe a hint of licorice? I like to use these little superfoods in salads, smoothies, sorbets. They have a nice chewy texture to them, which I like when just eating them as a snack, but for salads n such, I like to soak them for a bit which makes them softer, like a raisin. Will be back for more 🙂

  91. Kristin

    Perfect & arrived on time!

  92. Amazon Customer

    I did a fair amount of research to find the best organic goji berries and liked everything I read about Alovitox brand so I gave it a shot. I was very pleased with the quality of the berries. They tasted fresh, flavorful and delicious. Outstanding product and I highly recommend them.

  93. Jade

    These goji berries were dried out and rock hard. They came from China! In the trash.

  94. James Allen Andrews

    Excellent product!! Great company with quality products. I sprinkle the Goji berries on top of my cereal every morning for an added treat. I have also tried several other of their products and been impressed with the quality and product line.

  95. Grande Fromage

    I regret this purchase…taste funny……..wonder if dog will eat them?

  96. Julie & Jim

    I love these goji berries. I use them in my nut mixes and my homemade granola. First you get a little tartness them they explode with flavor. So good. I will continue to buy these.

  97. Shelly

    I love this product! So many uses for these berries- I add them to my smoothies, oatmeal and pancakes- whatever needs a little kick 🙂

  98. JP

    Husband enjoys them daily….a bit bitter for me.

  99. soccer tactics guy

    Good product

  100. Xiaojun Ma

    I have subscribed the golden berries for a while and they always arrive with high quality. I love to have them as snacks and occasionally use them to replace raisin in cooking.

  101. Amazon Customer

    This the second purchase and it is as good as the first. These are great in cookies, yogurt, or just to eat. Our favorite is of
    Course in the cookies.

  102. Gavin Beck

    I did not expect to notice the taste of sodium with these berries, but they’re so dang dry that you don’t get much flavor. I ended up giving them away, waste of money for me.

  103. Maggie

    Good for you and tastes good

  104. Maor Roffe

    Great! no complaints. Way cheaper than whole foods.

  105. Rach

    Great snack alternative, we use them for baking too. My husband and son are big fans!

  106. TekMama

    Tasty and reminded me of fruits I miss eating. Living in the Caribbean is very restrictive as most all here is horrid tasting, and GMO. SO this kinda reminded me of long lost times living in Europe and Asia where fruits were sweet and incredibly yummy.
    Alas, a bit on the sour side these were and having sensitive teeth – eating 10 of these little dried ones and I couldn’t eat anything else for a day, my teeth were so pained. If you have sensitive teeth then eat no more than 3-4 at a time and quickly drink something or swoosh with salt water.

    Fresh fruit is always best, especially in Asia, Europe and where they may still grow natural tasty fruits and without GMO.

  107. Cherie

    These berries are a great way to have a healthy snack! This particular brand has great quality. I have purchased them several times & have never had an issue. I highly recommend these berries, & especially this brand! God bless!

  108. Yanina Camden

    Love these__ I am a repeat buyer over the last few years and just Can’t get enough. I put these in my morning oatmeal and it makes me to actually look forward to eating it!!
    Just snacking by itself though, over the measure, sure upsets me quick.

  109. Ken Kerr

    High nutrient density

  110. Grekhava Tatiana

    I loved the taste, quality, and presentation. Even the packaging is first class!

  111. Jason

    Just right dehydration. I bought a different brand before and they were dried to the point of being hollow shells of powder. Good price and good quality.

  112. Mastyff

    I ordered what appeared to be a case, and with Prime, I had no shipping charge. The “case” was ONE 8 oz bag of berries. While they are good, the price of nearly $18 was exorbitant.

  113. Trong Nguyen

    A bit stale. Prefer Viva brand, at least from the previous first time ordering.

  114. Vivian Lee

    After trying the first pack, I liked it more than other brands that I’ve tried before. Decided to buy 4 more packs (to use the promo code and intend to share it with my family). I ended up received the nearly expired products, it’s only 01 month left till expired date, how can I gift it like that, I also don’t think I can finish all by myself in 1 month! Very disappointed!


    Taste good make u drink more water

  116. S J LONG

    Nice eating right out of the bag. I drop mine into hot water along with fresh sliced giner and a sliced date to make tea to sip on all day…….. lovely item. Will buy again. I did try to find some goji berries NOT from CHINA. Seems all of them are. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO……. I have to trust in their description that they test all batches and they are grown in the ‘prestine’ area. They are plump and quite tasty as a snack straight out of the fridge (i keep all this sort of stuff in the fridge once i open it …….even if it doesnt say)

  117. Jen

    The product looks good, but the water becomes pretty significant orange soon when I wash them, making me wonder if the product has been stained by artificial color.

  118. Nicole._le

    Looks like a great and delicious __

  119. Arthur S

    Super tasty, sweet and tart…like they were picked and dried yesterday..thank you

  120. Bryan

    The producer/packager instructs to keep the berries cool. If they’re stuck together, the producer/packager already ruined your package.

  121. Loretta Lewis-Wells


  122. Sayli

    Good for the cost.

  123. Amazon Customer

    I keep a few in my purse for a quick snack. I also put them in my oatmeal and yogurt in the morning for a nice boost to the day.

  124. Gary R. Foltz

    I buy these goji berries all the time, I have tried other brands but this by far is the best.

  125. Birddawg

    We like to add gogi berries to all kinds of things (yogurt, granola, rice, snack bites, trail mix) or just snack on them by themselves. These have great flavor and are obviously dried so not soft but not rock hard like others I’ve had. Would recommend and will definitely buy again.

  126. Ed

    Berries were wonderful—tasted good and have great nutrition.

  127. F. Johnson

    Great quality, good size and texture. I enjoy these in a cup of ginger tea, everyday.

  128. Dan P in NC

    I can NOT believe that this products reviews were as good as they are. I purchase ALL the time different products to attempt to try based on the product, price, quality and affordability. I do NOT give any product a bad mark as I feel I do my homework prior to. Based on this products review and the fact that I love Golden Berries, was actually shocked and surprised that this product has as many good rates as is shown.

    1. The product is packaged nicely
    2. The product was soft and looked presentable
    3. The product taste was VERY SALTY
    4. I even gave one piece to a 2 year old and she spit it out immediately and said PAW PAW that is not good.
    5. I had to agree

    Hope this was just a fluke and that this product does improve. Normally I eat Golden Raisin’s daily. This is NOT up to par with others.

  129. melissa

    Definitely way tougher and staler than most other Goji berries I have tried which was such a bummed

  130. John Galloway

    Love this! Prefect amount of tangy-ness and chewiness. I put them in my smoothies.

  131. Stacy Elaine

    A tasty& fresh product that I am happy with. So far I’ve only used Goji berries as a healthy snack & these meet my expectations.

  132. Hung Q Ma


  133. Moy Young

    The flavor took some getting used to, but it sure has a delicious sweetness. Eating one berry reminds me of eating chewy, gummy candy. I use about 2 tbsp daily in either my homemade trail mix, overnight oats or as toppings for salad or yogurt. Did not encounter anything odd when I ate them. Will be buying again – almost finished with the bag I bought in January! Great superfood for my sweet tooth cravings I get at times while breastfeeding.

  134. Sue

    Packaged perfectly, tastes delicious and arrived promptly

  135. tara, maryam

    Love these products

  136. Amy W

    I’ve tried many brands and this one is what I have subscribed for regular delivery. I love the little berries and always put in my salad or eat with nuts as snack.

  137. Mayumi Corron

    this Is the best Golden berries I ever ate.
    It is juicy and tender but not too much dried.
    The taste is a tart and a little sweet.

  138. Concerned Buyer

    These are great!

  139. Pamela L.

    All good!

  140. Mrs. S

    Not the cheapest but helps with my inflammation.

  141. martin

    Wheuuu these are strong flavor. Very potent. More sour then sweet. Not all brands are created equal.

  142. Marjorie C.

    I have gotten this before, and loved it. However, this came in the form of a brick with a few berries loose. I wonder how the company stored the product. If they can handle that part as they did on my prior shipment, I’d give it a five.

  143. Rick Kelly

    Had these open only a few days in an airlock bag. Now they smell mighty funky… like my cell mate.

  144. J

    ,Wonderfully tart, and not too dry.

  145. myhairsalon

    I’ve ordered few different ones and this is best value I’ve seen for a good product.

  146. Amazon Customer

    I had never had goji berries before, but I was looking for snacks/food high in iron and came across this. It came quick, and they are very good! The bag was bigger than I was expecting, so that was also a plus. I will be getting them again!

  147. Rasheena Greene-Brooks

    I absolutely love them! Let my husband try and keeps asking for more and the nutritional value is much needed in our diet.

  148. Joan P Hight

    We enjoy golden berries fresh or fried.
    We put it in our morning cereal or just snack.

  149. Jeanette

    Love these they are just tart enough to be refreshing

  150. Daniel J

    These are super tart and distinctly flavored. The packaging has a good seal so I’m confident that I’ll be enjoying these fruits in all their glory for months to come.

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