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Organic Guarana Powder

(59 customer reviews)

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Guarana has one of the highest concentrations of caffeine found in any plant, including coffee bean, and is derived from a Brazilian plant native to the Amazon region. It may contain up to 3.6% to 5.8% caffeine by weight. Coffee only has 1-2%.


Benefits from Organic Guarana may include:

  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Improves mental focus and reduces fatigue
  • Improves memory and learning ability
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Relief from digestive problems
  • Supports heart and cardiovascular health
  • Contains pain-relieving properties
  • Reduces age-related skin damage
  • Suppresses growth of bacteria
guarana 300x300px
Organic Guarana Powder

Organic Guarana Powder

Sourced from deep in the rain forests of the Amazon, in Brazil, our powdered Guarana, is the seed of the P. cupana plant. Guarana in the wild contains natural caffeine, and has been regarded as nature’s best stimulant by the locals for thousands of years. As a natural substance aiding in mental alertness, Guarana may enhance focus, and improve metabolic processes.

The Facts

Guaranteed freshness.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information click here.


Suggested Use

Due to its mild bitter taste, Guarana is best consumed by adding it to your smoothie, shake, or mixing it with yogurt.

Why You Will Love It

Guarana is known for its uncanny resemblance to the human eyeball given its red shell and fleshy white fruit surrounded by dark brown seeds, which are similar in size to coffee beans. The similarities end there as the guarana bean contains over twice as much caffeine than coffee.

Our Organic Guarana is derived from the seeds and naturally ground into a powder. This substance has been used for centuries by Amazonian tribes due to its therapeutic properties. Organic Guarana contains caffeine along with other stimulants called theophylline and theobromine. It also contains antioxidants, tannins, saponins, and catechins.

alovitox guarana 8oz
Organic Guarana Powder
guarana 300x300px
Organic Guarana Powder

Organic Guarana Powder


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59 reviews for Organic Guarana Powder

  1. Love2fish

    I love the energy boost I get from this product. I just placed my 2nd order with this company. I’ve been drinking Guarana tea for over 20 years and recently tried this product because I like that it is organic and it has a great price. IMO Guarana is far superior to other energy products such as coffee. As this seller explains in their listing, it not only gives you great energy, it gives you mental clarity and focus. Kind of like – makes you smarter.

    One thing to keep in mind is this product is less expensive I’m sure because it is not an instant tea. It’s ground seeds. So, I expected it to be gritty. That was ok with me. I don’t drink it for the taste, I drink it because it’s the best energy boost out there. I like to mix it with water and orange juice, shake it up and down it. In 5 minutes, you will feel awesome! I also keep it on my nightstand at bedtime. I mix it with water and some stevia to sweeten it. Then 1st thing in the morning, I down it. I love this product and will continue to buy from this seller at the price they are offering this product. Great job on a great product!

  2. comin

    The product is one of the best I’ve ever taken! And the delivery was before I expected

  3. Joseph Sanfelippo

    It tastes just okay when mixed with water. But it gives the right amount of energy and pick up. Will buy again!

  4. Juan Carlos Nicot

    Love it

  5. james moss

    I know this is the real thing because I lived in Brasil for 12 yrs. I will be buying more because it makes me feel great.

  6. ana

    Amazing! It works. It helps you out on the 1st time. Amazed of this product.

  7. Acassia de oliveira


  8. Dan D.

    This seems to work real well in smoothies for all day energy without the caffeine jitters or coffee flavor.

  9. Shaun

    Definitely got an energy boost from this. Wiped out the brain fog also. First tsp tried but itself in warm water to get the full flavor of this. Seems a little bitter and earthy. After adding a few drops of liquid stevia it was just fine. Couple of hours later I put another tsp in my intra workout drink with some cold brew coffee and bcaa’s which also includes caffeine. Now this was too much! I mean I like to get going but this had me there and then some. Although still with mental clarity which is why I will probably try the same combo for today’s workout.
    I did not buy this for the taste but for a different source of caffeine and that is exactly what I got. Will purchase again.

  10. Farhad

    I use this in my shake, and it gives me a nice boost, right before my workout, without the jitteryness that I would get from the store bought pre workout drinks.

  11. jony reyrs

    I like I super high

  12. DIY Jane

    First time to use this product in this form, but it seems to be working as I expected.

  13. Paty ordonez

    It definitely gives you amazing energy I use it as a preworkout with out breaking my fasting time

  14. lilian

    Energy boost, early in the morning

  15. It is very good for everyone,but must eat it every day

    I like it.I recommend it to my friend too!I take it everyday!

  16. Hanii Mtd

    If you are looking for a great natural energy,

    Here it is!!

    Tastes good,
    Feels good,


  17. D

    Product label not accurate about caffeine content. Company said they are correcting

  18. Tania

    I loved!!!

  19. T.

    It’s raw and USDA certified organic with no added ingredients. My concern is that the expiration date and lot number are missing. See photo.

  20. Roger J.

    Mixed with green tea in the morning it gives me energy throughout the day. Very good taste and smell.

  21. Nadia T.

    I always feel super groggy in the morning no matter how many hours of sleep I get and this stuff works like magic!! I no longer look half asleep walking into work! Tastes great too!

  22. Nhills8

    A great product for a reasonable price! Definitely recommend!

  23. cnpetersrn

    This product is AMAZING! I work the night shift and have found myself obtaining a caffeine tolerance. I needed to switch it up and someone recommended I try this. A little goes a long way too!! Highly recommended!!

  24. Kindle Customer

    I add this to my fresh juice everyday. It’s a great replacement for high caffeinated drinks.

  25. GiTFiTTiM

    I used it in my shakes pretty regularly, and was pretty satisfied with the level of caffeine boost! Mixes decently. Certified Organic is always a plus!

  26. pattyt

    I like it. Love the energy.

  27. Nicole Castro

    I have been using Alovitox Guarana Powder for most of 2019 after my favorite Indian market stopped carrying it. Once I had to leave town before my next order arrived and I bough another brand and I could really notice the difference. The clean energetic difference I feel when using Alovitox Guarana Powder verses other brand is unbelievable. I highly recommend this brand to anyone looking for a quality product!!

  28. Maat Nubian

    I got this for my boyfriend because he works overnight and would always tell me how he’d be falling asleep while working. He’s a forklift operator so falling asleep doing a job like that could lead to serious consequences. Since he had been taking the Guarana he no longer falls asleep at work and 1 tsp lasts him through the night.

  29. Mary Manary

    I am not sensitive to caffeine but sometimes I need an extra boost. I try not to drink energy drinks, or too much coffee, so I am left with limited options. I was introduced to Guarana Powder recently and I notice a refreshing boost of energy after drinking it in my smoothie.

  30. Arthur

    Pretty nice!

  31. Jennifer Rodriguez

    I really enjoyed this product I add it to my smoothies, and I have had more energy in general and I feel great.

  32. J. P. Schofield

    Non jittery energy. I love this. I take this while fasting and it helps me through the day. Great for the gym,long drives and much more
    I will take this forever.

  33. Julie C

    We love this Guarana powder! My boyfriend and I both add 1 tsp to our smoothies in the morning, and we’ve both noticed the difference. It works for us as a mood changer and a motivator, without the jittery feeling or buzz that coffee can give. I just have a more positive and productive attitude, and I’m more alert and focused after I take it. I also haven’t noticed any negative effects when I skip a day. It has a tea-like flavor and mixes well if shaken or blended…I don’t really even taste it in my smoothie. I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to have a more positive start to their day!

  34. Jeff

    I decided to try Guarana for two reasons. One, while I like coffee, my stomach does not always like it, so I was looking for alternatives. I had started drinking energy drinks, and I do like them, but they are not totally good for one’s health, and the natural or organic ones are tooooooo expensive. In looking at the ingredients I noticed a few commonalities of most energy drinks – one of which is Guarana. So I decided to give the Alovitox brand a try as it had decent reviews.

    So far the Guarana powder from Alovitox has been good. It is a little chalky, and has an earthy taste and should be strained or filtered. I have had it hot and cold. I prefer to cold brew it for a day or two, and I usually mix it with other ingredients such as ginseng, maca or similar items. I like to add a little ginger for a good kick. Sometimes I add some natural sugar or honey to it, but often drink it as it is. It gives me the pep I need without having to drink coffee or so many energy drinks. I do not get the jitters that can come from drinking to much coffee. The energy lasts for a decent amout of time, and I can drink it continuously throughout the day. Overall it is a good product, that I would recommend trying. I will buy more in the future.

  35. smallphi

    This guarana powder definitely acts like a stimulant. Initially I took a teaspoon (3 grams) in the morning and it gave me a subtle high, good mood, and energy – did not need to nap midday as usual. The initial high effect wears out with repeated dosing but the slight mood lifting and sustained energy during the day remains. However, it seems to have a rather long half life when ingested – I cannot fall asleep at all in the evening even if I take a low 1gram dose (half a leveled teaspoon) in the morning.

  36. silton guimaraes

    Best services

  37. Royal Wang

    My dad is addicted to it and I love to pit some in the smoothie. It is even better than the guarana powder I bought in Brazil. I will for sure buy more after these.

  38. MLC

    Not sure what I expected with this product but it is amazing. Being post menopausal, I have had issues with focus and energy. This Guarana worked great for me. It has also helped with the headaches that come along with menopause. I will use this product as long as they make it!!

  39. Travis

    I had previously bought guarana from a different source which was apparently higher quality. While I was initially disappointed with this product I found that it does work, I just need to take more of it than I would the powder that I purchase from another source.

  40. Helena

    I loved this product. I”m using as a pre workout, and its giving me a lot of energy. I really recommend this.

  41. Shelly

    Very irritating that the top seal was broken and leaking powder all over the two books that were in the box with it, besides the fact it wasted some of it.

  42. Brad N.

    Like the product helps with some energy throughout the day.

  43. Conor Ripley R

    I mix it with water and take with either creatine or vegan bcaa’s for a pre-workout. I use it for cleaning up or mowing the lawn.

    My acid reflux isn’t affected by this nearly as much as coffee, tea, energy drinks with bulls, chickens, or donkeys on the label. My acid reflux is so finicky that I gotta watch salty snacks and junk foods…. This is definitely not a junk food. And this product doesn’t relax my sphincter to my stomach as much as what other foods I put in my mouth throughout the day. How do I know? I use this right before a bike ride and 3 hours later no reflux issues after a decent sized breakfast and this as my mixed beverage. Wait to eat a bit after biking and take half a serving- no problem. Though If I were to drink coffee after the bike ride or tea I would immediately start burping.

    This is my way to get off the coffee and tea without becoming a low energy individual.

    Does improve focus.

  44. G.N.

    This powder is wonderful! I mix it in with a little jar of water or orange juice before working out and it gives me the perfect boost of energy with no crash. It does not make me feel anxious or make my heart beat fast like coffee and the caffeine high last much longer, would not recommend drinking 6 hours before bed that’s for sure! The taste is not a big deal for me, it’s a little bitter but very subtle and it’s hard to taste when mixed with juice. I like to mix it with water when fasting in the morning and its fine.
    I highly recommend it and will definitely be using this over coffee from now on, especially given all the useful health benefits such as its antioxidant properties!

  45. Endives

    Oh my gosh what a treat! So first of all I am very caffeine sensitive so I can’t drink coffee. I can’t even really take green tea. I have tried guarana tablets and I nibble just a tiny bit and that gives me a great feeling and motivation for hours. This is my first time trying the powder. I didn’t realize it was different. The powder I received from aloe vitalx was so delicious and fresh. I could honestly tell how fresh it was. It had a nutty flavor. A much more well-rounded flavor than just the pills obviously. It felt really nourishing. And of course I have that wonderful gentle but energized feeling that I was looking for!

  46. comin

    I take this product every morning in my shake and it is good to awaken you to the day ahead!

  47. Bryan Jefferson

    Mixes well with smoothie

  48. Adrienne

    Honestly, I love this product so much, We use it in smoothies for an extra boost of energy. I love how clean it feels in comparison to coffee. I will most definitely be ordering again! Also, a little goes a long way so this bag is a bang for your buck!

  49. Octavio Blasczak


  50. Amazon Customer

    I use it instead of coffee it helps to keep me focused and awake.

  51. Melinda Ide

    Starting with the positives, the taste was much less bitter than others I’ve tried and I SEEMED to be getting a better bang for the buck. HOWEVER, though it was cheaper than the Bulk Supplements brand, I failed to check what the serving size is: 1 teaspoon; Bulk Supplements brand is 1/8 teaspoon. In other words, you have to take much more of this one. It’s also not as refined (which is probably why you have to take more of it), and whereas Bulk Supplements can be added to hot chocolate and dissolve, this stuff hangs around…and you have to basically eat it after your drink is gone.

  52. THOMAS S.

    I purchased this product to help with my “after lunch” crash. I drink it in a bottle of water with my lunch every day. I noticed an immediate difference. It gives me a little boost for my afternoon productivity, without the coffee agita!

    I would recommend this to anybody.

  53. Hayden

    I Love this product it gives me the smooth clean energy I need early in the morning to get rolling before the sun comes up perfect for farming or other jobs like graveyard shifts. The product is reasonably priced and works great. Thanks.

  54. LN

    I really enjoy this powder. I have noticed that I am able to drink it in the morning and continue to have slowly released energy through out the day. But not that jolt of energy you get from coffee. Which is really nice.

  55. L. Jordan

    The product is OK so far, it’s powdery in my drink, but I put up with that. quality seems good.
    Problem I had was that one of the 2 packs I received was split open partially at the top. The seal was not sealed! So some powder leaked out into the sealed plastic wrap on the 2-pack. I’m just going to use it, expect maybe it’s going to be stale but I probably would not even notice.
    so just watch out for the quality of the package.

  56. Gary Nakauchi

    I liked the nutty and slightly acidic taste. I take 2 teaspoons per serving, and the energy is better for me than caffeine anhydrous, better for exercising and more physical than mental.

  57. rosio valadez

    Muy mal el producto y muy caro no lo comprare de nuevo

  58. Vanessa Crow

    Taste so good. I mix with fruits or on my tea. Helps me a lot!

  59. sara15

    I’ve been using guarana powder for a while and will continue to use. I need a lot of caffeine – have energy problems – but don’t like the spikes up and down. This down smooth the effect noticeably and I plan to continue to use it. Only didn’t put 5 stars because don’t get the bigger boost some reviews talk about, but that may be because of my energy difficulties. In any case, definitely a worthwhile product.

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