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Organic Yacon Syrup

(590 customer reviews)

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Have you decided to change your lifestyle? If you are looking for an organic all-natural sweetener, then look no further. Our Organic Yacon Syrup is a low-glycemic natural sweetener with 1/3 of the calories of sugar or honey. In addition to the low-calorie count, Yacon Syrup has just as much flavor, if not more, than your traditional sweeteners. 


Use Alovltox Yacon Syrup, for a healthier diet! Benefits:

  • Low glycemic index
  • Weight management booster
  • Blood sugar regulator
  • High fiber & low calories
  • High FOS 6100% raw, vegan, gluten free
  • GMO-free, BPA free
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Organic Yacon Syrup

Organic Yacon Syrup

Have you decided to change your lifestyle? If you are looking for an organic all-natural sweetener, then look no further. Our Organic Yacon Syrup is a low-glycemic natural sweetener with 1/3 of the calories of sugar or honey. In addition to the low-calorie count, Yacon Syrup has just as much flavor, if not more, than your traditional sweeteners. 

The Facts

Guaranteed freshness.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information click here.

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Suggested Use

Our Yacon syrup can be used as an alternative sweetener to help keep your blood sugar low. Start with a small amount as you may find it sweeter than the sugar substitute you currently use.

Why You Will Love It

Our Yacon Syrup is extracted from the natural Yacon plant using our unique proprietary method to prevent contaminants and oxygen exposure so that you can enjoy Yacon Syrup with the highest level of vital nutrients.

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Organic Yacon Syrup
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Organic Yacon Syrup

Organic Yacon Syrup


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590 reviews for Organic Yacon Syrup

  1. TexasTraveler

    This is a fantastic replacement for honey for me. I used it in my tea, and my coffee. It has a distinct flavor, that has a hint of caramel and a bit of honey mixed in. The nutritional panel and the benefits advertised, make this a no brainer replacement for me.

  2. Mike

    Excellent Product. Taste amazing, Quality wonderful, Packaging great!
    So happy to find this natural sweetener. I used it in my coffee, tea and baking. Loved it and highly recommended!

  3. Amazon Customer

    My package arrived promptly and intact, securely wrapped in bubble wrap. I live in a warm/humid environment, so the syrup was a bit “liquidy”, but has thinkened nicely since I put it in the refrigerator. I immediately opened the syrup for the taste test and I wasn’t let down. I was a delicious mixture of honey and molasses in my mouth. I haven’t used it yet to cook/bake with, but I am on a ketogenic diet and I plan to use this in my homemade ketchup and bbq sauces! Thank you!

  4. Amazon Customer

    Wonderful sweetener without ruining any sort of dietary restriction. Goes great with tea and coffee.

  5. JZ23

    This is a great healthy sugar substitute that not many people know about!

  6. Twila

    So good:)

  7. G. Griffiths

    Please realize the cookbook is digital and you have to be open to seller communication in your settings.
    This Yacon Syria does not have a heavy sediment like others. I’ve taste tested (6) six Yacon syrups and fluidity is excellent. I use Yacon syrup in my coffee and baking. Jar is much better than others.

  8. J

    This is the third brand of Yacon syrup I’ve purchased through Amazon. It’s my least favorite for taste. To me this brand tastes more like sweet potatoes and less like the caramel/molasses flavor I enjoyed from other brands. I bumped this up to four stars because of the packaging. This glass jar is much better than the bottles I’ve had with other brands. Other brands (which are also thicker) have bottle openings that are too small to even get a knife in, so it’s easy to feel like you’re missing a lot when the bottle is almost empty. This wider mouthed jar prevents that. This brand also doesn’t seem to solidify or thicken up over time.


    Good choice for natural sweetener, will try some of the recipes.

  10. MuffyDaniel

    Good consistency, nice flavor. Easy to access jar

  11. Sunray

    This stuff is great! I do NOT like artificial sweeteners, and even the “natural” ones like Stevia leave a strange aftertaste and taste fake. I have been trying to lose weight and get healthy, but was really missing a sweetener in my tea/coffee and I happened to come across this product on Amazon. Since it had generally good reviews I decided to try it. I’m SOOO glad I did. It adds just the perfect amount of sweetness with no fake sweetener taste or any aftertaste. it has a slight chocolatey flavor if you taste it straight, but in my tea or coffee I just get a mild sweetness not an overwhelming sense of chocolate. 1 tsp does the trick! I also started using it as a syrup on my protein pancakes and it is wonderful there as well. I highly recommend!

  12. DJ Sunrise

    My review is based on two things. 1. Price and 2. Consistency of product. I had tried a different brand that came in a brown bottle that was difficult to use as the having syrup is very thick. This product seemed very watered down for such a small product (8oz). The price is extravagant. Gave it to someone who used yacon syrup and promised they would use it.

  13. AZM

    This has a very mild sweetness to it, no aftertaste and price is low compared to retail.

  14. ginsing

    Absolutely delicious!!! A great alternative to sugary syrups. I purchased because I have diabetes and can use a small amount of this with my diabetic waffles I make at home! It’s great to be able to enjoy one of my favorite breakfasts again

  15. Chris E.

    Nasty. Threw away

  16. Gail Andersen

    I think I’m going to like this a lot!

  17. Mia Farland

    Delicious tasting love it as a syrup replacement.

  18. dianna

    This was a excellent seller. The CEO emailed me several times about this yacon syrup making sure there were no problems with the order and give me information on what it is used for. I also received a cook book. I would say it’s the best on the market. The other yacon syrups on the market had a better taste than this because of all the added sugars and they are in a plastic bottle and they weren’t organic and the syrup hardens on the bottom and you cannot get it out. so you waste a lot of it. I take this syrup three times a day before my meals with a glass of water and I have lost weight 12 pounds in three weeks .Which is a big deal to me because I have tried to lose weight for years with no success.

  19. Amazon Customer

    like it

  20. Ronald Settle

    Excellent quality and taste. Lighter in color and better tasting than another brand I tried.

  21. Amy B

    Really delicious. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the taste is great and it is much better for you than sugar.

  22. Moriah1111

    I really like this stuff. Sweet without guilt. My kind of syrup. It is pricey, so I don’t slather it on anything, but I’m glad to have it in my low carb arsenal.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Great idea, was hopeful, tasted like maple syrup and caremel. But it felt metallic down the lungs and it will make your stomach turn like you threw down something bitter to start a war. Just nasty. Next sweetner please!

  24. Sharon

    I just used mine to replace brown sugar in chocolate chip cookies. That and some other ingredient swaps made for a delicious cookie that tasted close to the real thing, yet didn’t have much affect on my type one diabetic daughter’s sugar. I can’t wait to try it with more recipes!

  25. TMS

    I was getting the bottle, but I prefer the jar because you can use all of the syrup, with the bottle it is difficult to get out.

  26. yating

    Great product! Healthy and taste great! I use it in coffee , tea, smoothies…. almost everything that I want to have it sweetened. Highly recommended!!!

  27. Barbra B.


  28. Barbara

    Wish I had my money back. Not sweet. Not as expected. __

  29. Rhondara

    I like the taste of the product…similar to maple syrup. It took more of it than I expected to sweeten the cooked down black berries I plan to use in Greek yogurt, but I’m very pleased with the flavor. The only thing I dislike is the cost of the product for the size of the jar. However, I was curious enough to purchase it and may do so again if it turns out a little goes a long ways.

  30. Gary Hancock

    This was a delightful surprise, in that it is a sweet yet savory flavor! I absolutely love it on pancakes, waffles, and cottage cheese with bananas and blueberries. Also, it is so flavorful that a little goes a long way, unlike most other syrups that seem to disappear into the food you put them on.

  31. LadyBee

    I had been purchasing another type of yacon syrup in a brown bottle but thought the glass might be easier to use. The consistency is thinner than what I used in the past, and the flavor isn’t as good. I’m disappointed in the product for the price. The taste isn’t as good as the Botanical brand. I won’t purchase again.

  32. A. Beach

    Love this syrup. It is a fabulous sugar substitute. All natural and no artificial flavor. It tastes like a cross between maple syrup or molasses. I use it in cofffee, tea, drizzle over pancakes so far.

  33. Chantelle LaVergne

    Love Yacon syrup for my Keto lifestyle…. I especially love this jar it comes in- a lot easier to handle than the other brands. Great taste and 0 on the GLycemic index! Win! Win! The recipes were downloaded via link the day I received my syrup! They gave me great ideas!

  34. Missy V

    I just received this product so I can’t really say much about it except that it has a nice taste (sweet, somewhat like a very mild brown sugar/molasses taste) and can be used to bake with. I had to use a little blackstrap molasses in my ginger muffins to get the taste of molasses though because it is mild.

  35. Jennifer Terry

    Surprisingly disappointed in this product. It’s not like other yacon syrups I’ve purchased. It’s more expensive but I figured the fact that they had the sense to package it in a glass jar instead of those plastic bottles with small mouths would make it worth it. Not so. This particular syrup is thin and runny, not at all the molasses-like consistency of others. It doesn’t have that rich, molasses-like flavor, either. The fact that each teaspoon contains 7 calories instead of 13 makes me think they’ve intentionally watered it down for some reason. Really, the only positive thing is that it comes out of the container more easily than others because of its runniness. I won’t buy this again.

  36. JMA

    Love the taste. Finally, a natural sweetener without the yucky aftertaste and a very low glycemic index!

  37. Margie

    This Yacon syrup is so tasty. Love putting in my home made yogurt or on pancakes.

  38. Patricia N.

    I recently added this to my diet and so far have been happy with it. I was reading of a study in which some of the people lost weight while taking Yacon Syrup and after a lot of research I ordered this one. I prefer buying food items in glass rather than plastic and the wide design makes it easy to use the syrup. I will update this review if I find it to helps to lose some weight along with my new eating plan. At first I found the taste to be quite strong when I mixed it in water and not to my liking, but I have found that by mixing it in my coffee or tea it actually tastes good. I will be re-ordering this item.

  39. Sandie

    Not as good as other brands

  40. toofun77

    I love the consistency of the syrup. I add it to my yogurt as an alternative to honey.

  41. Rufus Xavier Sasparilla

    First order, taste was good, similar to molasses without the sulfurous notes. Second order, plastic seal atop lid intact, but lid was popped. No option to return. Will buy product from another vendor

  42. L Watson

    Used on pancakes and it was a bit much for me, even though I didn’t use much. I get a little jittery when I use it. I would not describe the flavor as really good, but it is something I could get used to if it didn’t make me feel a bit off. Not sure why. Might just be me.

  43. Adler

    the flavour is nice; however, I did not not it contained inulin, which gives some people a bad stomach ache.

  44. Magda Ogorek

    Best yacon syrup I’ve tried…and I’ve tried many brands. Very pleased with this purchase. The other brands dry up and don’t have the same thick syrup-y consistency

  45. Naomi

    Product arrived shattered!

  46. Amazon Customer

    This is amazing!!!!

  47. Jenn

    Excellent product. Tests great!

  48. Richard A. Howes

    First, I love this stuff. It tastes great. I occasionally put it on homemade Almond bread with cream cheese. This review is regarding the effect of Yacon Syrup on Keto. This morning after 14 hours of fasting, I took 1 tablespoon with nothing else. At 4 grams carbs per teaspoon according to the label, that would be 8 grams of carbs. Before taking, my ketones were 1.9 and my blood sugar levels were 76. 1 hour later, my blood sugar was 156 and my ketones had dropped to 1.4, so obviously I had an insulin response. Still, I recommend for those occasional times when you just really need a dessert.

  49. JR

    Great flavor, smooths out the taste of my coffee perfectly, not sickly sweet and no aftertaste, keeps a good consistency when refrigerated, love that it has a low glycemic index and is so low in calories, the glass jar is a plus, so glad it is gluten free

  50. Shar

    Keeping the glycemic index of my meals low, is my goal. So I rarely eat anything with added sugars or sweeteners. When I want a sweetener, I prefer natural plant sweeteners to sugar alcohols. For those who love sweet foods, this may not be enough to satisfy. This isn’t as sweet as maple syrup or honey. It has a mild sweetness with a pleasant aftertaste. I mainly use it for making oatmeal, almond or peanut butter cookies for an occasional sweet snack. Sometimes I will add a touch in my salad dressing to offset a vinegar/mustard mix. The recipe ebook was very helpful.

  51. riley


  52. Michael Martinez

    Good flavor.

  53. stone junkie

    Product was tasty (tasted just like regular syrup) and seller shipped item quickly…also, for some reason the cookbook wasn’t included, but after contacting seller they emailed the PDF for the cookbook right away, no problem. Definitely a great product & service from Alovitox!

  54. KSM

    I regret having bought 2 jars of this product without having tasted it (also regret not having checked whether it was returnable); I thought it would be similar to another brand that I really like but with the benefit of being in a jar. This is a thin syrup compared to the other brand, and leaves an icky aftertaste “off the spoon”. It’s not pleasant in hot tea, either. Hopefully I can find a good home for the unopened jar and will try to use the opened jar for baking or something.

  55. Marti

    Great sweetener with no bad after-taste. Great consistency too! Will buy again!

  56. Golden Gate

    The package arrived securely wrapped in bubble wrap. The taste was delicious especially when you have a big birthday party at the park :).

    Honestly, this is the best natural sweetener. I tried other brands but this Yacon Syrup has better taste with a glass jar. I will purchase again!

  57. Bigdread

    This is a great product.

  58. RHarris

    I love this yacon syrup! I’ve tried several brands, but this one tastes the best. And, with the ones that come in a bottle, I had to risk losing a finger cutting into a plastic bottle, trying to scrape out the hardened syrup that is stuck to the inside of it! No thank you! I put this in my latte every morning, and the caramel-like taste is better than sugar. Combined with unsweetened vanilla almond milk & cinnamon, the flavors compliment each other and I feel like I’m having a treat every day. I also love that it low on the glycemic and helps with good gut health. Tasting good and healthy is a win-win. The only thing that would make it better would be if they could bring the price down.

  59. Tonda Walker

    This is the best natural sweetener that I have ever used. I will let everyone that comes into my home try it. BEST EVER….

  60. Gracie6250

    Low sugar snd only need s tiny amount to get sweet flavor with s minute amount of calories!

  61. Jade7

    Great taste for a sugar substitute!
    I have been doing candida diet for two months. I have used sometimes monk fruit extract and xylitol for sweeteners. Now I’m allowed to use maple syrup, coconut sugar. Maple syrup (real one without high fructose corn syrup of course) has 48 gr. sugar in one serving size. This product has great taste and has only 2 gr. syrup in one serving size.

  62. melanie lessard

    Good but it takes some getting use to. Will buy again

  63. Brad B

    Here is the deal. Best sweetener/syrup if you are doing a Candida Albican bacteria reduction cleanse. I use it on my paleo bread french toast(no yeast, wheat added sugar etc). a little ghee on top of the french toast with the Yacon syrup, wow great stuff. Enjoy!

  64. J. Adair

    Excellent! Will be purchasing again! Thank you!

  65. Elaine Whiteaker

    I absolutely love this product, I have used other yacon syrup brands but find this brand the easiest to use. I literally substitute it for all my baking needs, sweet breads, brownies and regular whole grain bread. I wanted to find a healthy alternative to sugar, honey and molasses and found just what I wanted in yacon syrup. Would recommend to anyone!!!!

  66. pam d

    I have been buying this product for a while now. Time for a review.

    First I wanted to address the nasty comments some people wrote about their jars arriving open…well, after ordering for a while my last box arrived with one jar (out of four) broken. I contacted Alovitox to let them know and they replied in less than an hour apologizing for the trouble and they are sending me a replacement right away. See? No need to be mean if you don’t try to solve the problem. No company can read minds that I know of.

    I chose this product because I have several health issues that prevent me from eating regular honey or straight up maple syrup (more on that below)…for a little while I could not have yacon syrup because I was suffering from SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)…don’t judge 🙂 lots of people are walking around with this condition and don’t know it! the reason I had to stop for a bit was that the syrup is high in what is called FOS (Google it please) so if you have gut issues like I did you might want to heal your gut first and then continue with this syrup.

    It is worth clarifying that the syrup is healthy! I could not eat many other foods high on FOS during my gut healing time, including onions, garlic, apples, kale and a bunch of other healthy and delicioius foods.

    Now to the good stuff. The taste.

    I am a very very picky person when it comes to food. Going with me to a restaurant is anybody’s idea of a nightmare LOL. And I definitely went without anything sweet for a long long time because I am hypersensitive to all sweeteners natural or otherwise. That distinctive metallic taste of stevia and others just stays with me…even when I prepare coffee for my hubby (who, luckily will eat anything and any sweetener) if some particles of stevia or monk fruit fly in the air I can feel it in the back of my throat.

    So, it’s been established: I am frustratingly picky when it comes to food and particularly sweeteners.

    I use yacon syrup when I make my own chocolate bars and also for any home made desert.

    For those of you who are as sensitive to the taste of yacon as I am to any other sweetener: try adding a bit of organic grade B (which is darker and richer) maple syrup. I like the taste of yacon very much but on Sunday paleo pancakes day I do splurge and mix it with MS…it is SOOOO good!

  67. KMM

    I really like the consistency of this, I use it on pancakes!! Very good! Would like to experiment with it more but didn’t get my cookbook! 🙁

  68. Nicole Papes

    I like this syrup for my Chai tea in the morning, but it is kind of expensive. I tried several other brands of yacon syrup and liked the consistency and flavor of this one, sold by Alovitox, the best.

  69. Joscelyn Garton-Escamilla

    This syrup is awesome. I use it in my coffee and for a fruit dip or substitute for other syrups in recipes. I feel so much better using this product. I truly feel it delivers on the promises it makes and does just what the label and description say it will do. It is a bit pricey for the size of the jar, but worth the money. Additionally I purchased this brand because of the product label. I compared this label to others available on Amazon and saw this had less added ingredients and carbs.

  70. Alina Khalife

    Excellent product!

  71. Jeri Fink

    Yacon is the best sweetener around – its low glycemic level enables me to replace the artificial sweeteners without much added carbs – very important to a diabetic!

  72. Amazon Customer

    I’ve been using Alovitox yacon syrup for quite some time now and love it! It beats all the alternative sweeteners hands-down, due to its supremely low glycemic index and inulin fiber (which is a pre-biotic). I use it in place of honey in recipes and even add it to my chile recipe (along with a little bit of cacao powder to give it depth). The list of things I use it for is quite exhaustive. The only downside is the difficulty in spooning it out of the glass jar without leaving a trail of syrup on the outside. Having said that, I appreciate the glass jar (as opposed to plastic bottles). I keep it in the refrigerator after opening and am surprised it still maintains its liquid state, which is great. I would recommend this product unequivocally!

  73. Amazon Customer

    I just got it yesterday and this stuff is awesome! Tase great!

  74. darlene mitchell

    I followed a KETO diet for many months and my “coach” had a little recipe booklet for us. Lots of yummy recipes but I’ve been without a good legal cookie for years so her Chocolate Chip Cookies with yacon syrup was my favorite. Her recommended Yacon was in a plastic bottle and I could never get all the syrup out! I tried the ALOVITOX mostly because of the wide-mouthed glass jar and this makes such a difference. I love it! I would give it 5 stars except it’s expensive!

  75. Lisa L Buhler

    I use this syrup to make my own chocolate – it’s a tasty low glycemic alternative to sugar. I appreciate that it’s organic as well. I wish I could buy this in a store near my house (without an exorbitant mark up) or that Amazon would deliver it to a locker instead of to my house.

  76. Kelly L. Bujnicki

    I love yacon syrup and use it everyday in my coffee, on my berries, and in chocolate desserts.

  77. cherie

    Made Maple Chocolate Chip muffins with Swerve and Yacon syrup. This Yacon syrup has a buttery maple taste. The consistency is smooth and goes a long way! The other plus is that you can use it on Paleo/Keto diet!

  78. Danih131

    I’ve been looking for a low-to-no-sugar replacement for conventional sugar for YEARS. I’ve tried xylitol (I’m allergic), monk fruit (disgusting), and stevia (disgusting AND I’m allergic). I can’t do honey, agave, or maple right now because of the high sugar content. I stumbled on yacon syrup on Amazon and figured I had nothing left to lose. I was so excited for it to come in the mail, and I was NOT disappointed!!! It is SO. GOOD. I add it to smoothies, waffles, baked goods, “hot chocolate” (with raw kefir and cacao powder), coffee, and all kinds of tea. This product is a lifesaver! My only complaint is that it’s really expensive, and the jar is really small. I understand that it’s difficult and time-intensive to produce, so I’ll keep buying it because it’s WORTH IT. I need to keep buying it because it’s the best product out there…but it hurts the wallet. Nevertheless, I will shout from the rooftops: “YACON RULES!!!!”

  79. Essie

    I am a diabetic and cannot use traditional sweeteners. I first came across yacon syrup in a low carb bread recipe and have used it in place of anything calling for maple syrup. It doesn’t require a lot in anything I use it for. I have read that it wildcat to lower blood glucose, but haven’t used it yet in ways to determine the accuracy of those statements. I like the flavor a lot. It is somewhat between maple syrup and molasses. It is easy to get all of the syrup out of the jar, unlike narrow top bottles.

  80. Lisa H.

    Great for keto lifestyle. Delicious, you can just use a little bit for sweetness.

  81. Richard K

    How am I just finding out about Yakon? Syrup tastes great. It has kind of a maple syrup like aftertaste but it’s good in coffee or on protein pancakes. Company seems customer focused and good business.

  82. Martha Phebo Guzman

    I like very much the Alovitox Yacon Syrup!

  83. CatholicCajun

    Horrible taste and waste of money

  84. T. Bryant

    After reading many reviews on many brands, it seemed I might encounter leaking or a thickness on the bottom of jar. The syrup arrived in a little cardboard box inside the big shipment box with other items. No leaks! And the consistency was perfectly consistent all the way to the bottom. I already drizzled a bit over my fresh chopped peach with hemp milk and hempseeds. I’ve also used it as the sweetener in my homemade granola. It tastes similar to molasses but not nearly as strong. Delish!! Would totally buy again! (did not receive a cookbook, however)

  85. arielleloves

    I’ve been looking for a safe natural sweetener that won’t mess anything up in my body and hasn’t been mixed with any other substances! It tastes good and is sweet, it sweetened my coffee without adding any kind of a weird after taste! Yay! I’ll definitely buy again!

  86. Quest

    I love yacon syrup. —Especially Nature’s Botanical Farms. (It just happens to be unavailable at the time of this posting.) Any of you looking to replace it with this one, I would encourage you to keep searching as I will. It doesn’t harden but the taste–bleck! Really don’t understand how this can rate as one of Amazon’s choice. Yes, it is watery and easy to pour out but the flavor–hmm…It’s tart with a strange medicine type after taste.–Not bitter, just not something I would want to sweeten my coffee with. I tried of course and was repelled by it’s taste. Not chocolately like Nature’s Botanical Farms nor anywhere close to tasting like molasses, caramel, or honey. As stated, to me it has more of a tart and fruity liquid vitamin taste. So how is it that others love it? Different strokes for different folks. This one is NOT for me. (Plus a pretty low percentage of FOS compared to others. Just feels watered down with too much of something NOT yacon.)

  87. Cindy Borggrebe

    I really love this product. Truly a low glycemic sweetener. I use it in place of stevia now in my coffee. I also use it in place of maple syrup for banana oat bars and cookie dough bites. Taste is somewhere between maple syrup and molasses. Diabetic friendly!

  88. silvi

    Love this syrup, you can sub it for just about anything that needs to be sweet. It works great as an alternative to processed chemical ridden sugar. I am glad it comes in a glass jar because I’m trying to stay away from plastics.


    This is a very good product for your health it’s like a honey type of consistency and it’s good for your brain also

  90. Lady Katlinel

    I am now on my third jar of this after switching from another brand. It is thinner than the other brand but has the advantage of being able to use every drop unlike the other brand which thickened in the bottle so 1/4 of each bottle was not usable.

    The taste is somewhat like molasses but not as strong, and does not raise my blood glucose. The scale seems to be moving downward off of a plateau, which is a great plus. Really, the only change I would make is offering a larger jar as it goes quickly. Speaking of packaging, this always comes secure and undamaged in bubblewrap. It is a staple in my kitchen!


    The yacon syrup is delicious, used it to sweeten my coffee. Amazing, no aftertaste!

  92. Vladilano

    I try to stick to a low-carb, no sugar diet but had a hard time giving up sugar in my coffee. I have been looking for a sugar substitute for my coffee for some time now and finally found one that works – Yacon Syrup. I have tried many artificial sweeteners like Stevia and Monk Fruit in my coffee but do not like the bitter aftertaste. One teaspoon of this not-too-sweet-but-just-right Yacon Syrup in my coffee does the trick. The only negative I have is that it is a bit pricey. The jar only lasted for a weeks worth of coffee. But, I am still placing an order for another jar right after I submit this comment!

  93. jackie barrera

    This is amazing especially in my fatbombs. No after taste. Really good as syrup on my keto waffles

  94. Lynnette

    Though I did have to request the cookbook twice, it did come and it has some good looking recipes.

  95. M Bahta-Parker

    Looking for a product to fit my new paleo lifestyle. Yacon syrup was recommended as a sweetener on It tastes great and is 1/3 the calories of a teaspoon of honey. Try it, you will not be disappointed.

  96. Amazon Customer

    Only used this a couple of time but found it to be sweet without the bad effects we get from sugar.

  97. Amazon Customer

    Tastes good and I used it for my pancakes and coffee.

  98. m summers

    I used the Yacon Syrup to make the Plant Paradox friendly recipe for walnut bread. It is delicious. I will absolutley buy more in the future.


    Nice product. Like the fact it has a lower glycemic index. Tastes good too. Will purchase again.

  100. Girl gem

    I use for my coffee however it does sweetened that much. I used a tablespoon this morning compared to the 2 tsp i used previously and it still wasnt sweet

  101. KpopKolorado

    I have been on the KETO since May 2018 and it lead me to research all of the different kinds of natural sweeteners. When I found Yacon Syrup, I was instantly hooked because of the health benefits of eating this product. The taste is perfect for me. I can’t tolerate ‘sweet’ foods anymore because I’ve lost my taste for sugar, so I was wary of getting a sugary syrup, like this one. I’m really pleasantly surprised! It tastes like a crisper, less sweet, and less heavy maple syrup. Wonderful!

  102. Sharon W.

    Used in a low carb chocolate pecan bar recipe. Since I am keto and I love pecan pie, thought I would give this a try. Tasted oh so good, recipe only called for 2 tsp but it made the bars taste like it had that “nasty corn syrup”, but instead something that is actually healthy. Win, win!! Only downside is it is a little pricey.

  103. GCG

    I’m really happy this product tastes so good, but does not increase the glucose levels like sugar does. Have been using for six months now. Great, healthy sugar substitute.

  104. PZ

    Great flavor but expensive

  105. Kindle Customer

    This product was so good!!! Has a very nice sweetness but not to sweet. I made bars with this and it kept them chew and not hard and replaced the honey but not 1:1. I just used a small amount and they turned out delicious!!!! Will definitely buy again

  106. Richard Cronin

    Used product instead of sugar. Tastes a lot like caramel

  107. linda

    I really like this sweet syrup – it has an almost molasses-like flavor, but not as strong. I have used it in cooking and on my cooked cereal.

  108. John’s son

    This syrup fits perfectly into my lectin free diet and the taste is great! It’s the perfect treat at night and keeps me away from the “sweets” that are not good for me. Whether it is straight up on a spoon or as a sweetener on fruits or other foods such as my diet friendly waffles – it is very versatile.

  109. MM

    I have been looking for good sugar alternative with low GI other than the usual suagr free brands available in the market. After a lot of research and trying out different products, I have found this truly natural, low calorie, and low glycemic sweetener. Of course it doesn’t taste as good as sugar but so far this is the best I have found which doesn’t change the taste of my tea/coffee much and doesn’t leave a weird after taste. I use this only for my tea/coffee.

  110. Morly Shapira

    I purchased the product after being deprived from syrup, sugar and sweet to avoid diabetes. I was greatly surprised that a small quantity allowed me to enjoy my Plaeo waffles and add wetness to my coffee. Knowing that the GI is low takes any guilty feelings away from consuming it.
    I have to add however that the distributor, Alovitox Natural Products, is encouraging consumers to write reviews for this product promising a free delivery of a Yacon Syrup Jar. However, don’t count on it actually being sent. I contacted them twice and even provided a sceenshot of my review, and …., nothing was shipped. in the future, I will not be tempted to write reviews based on free shipping as the number of reviews, even if credible distorts the actual popularity of the product.

  111. Leslie

    My husband and I are eating low carb. Yacon syrup is sweet and satisfying. I enjoy using it in London Fog tea latte.

  112. Texas Sparky

    Taste great, we are on the keto diet and were looking for a sweetener that is natural. This fills the bill. Has a molasses smell, but not the taste. Used it in tea and on strawberries, Love it.

  113. kybeth

    I have been watching my sugar intake but LOVE iced coffee. I have been using this and cream to make a coffee drink that taste amazing. It has a deep rich flavor and I plan on experimenting with it to make fall/winter desserts.

  114. __ALiSiN__

    Tastes WaaaY better than any sugar alternatives I’ve had so far. No weird after taste. So far i have used it for coffee & plain yogurt. It doesnt get hard in the frig either. Tastes like molasses with a hint of chocolate to me. The jar is gonna last quite a while as you only need a tsp, i dont even use that much.

  115. Amazon Customer

    This has a soft mild sweet taste that we love. We put it on our sugar free coconut ice cream. We also eat it by the spoonful without any blood sugar raises or sugar crashes. It is helping us ween off of regular sugar. I did a lot of research before choosing this company and I am very happy with them. It is a pure product without any additives and organic. P.S. good for a diabetic.

  116. Ivan Haller

    Amazing syrup, loving every single drop. Tastes great and use it in waffles, pancake and with cheese, better then other auger substitute syrups

  117. Valeri

    Flavor takes a little getting used to

  118. Amazon Customer

    Going to use this in Keto recipes

  119. hapceo

    It was a delightful tasting syrup. Has helped my digestion from the get go. I would recommend this to all my friends.

  120. Amazon Customer

    doesn’t sweeten like some others

  121. Amazon Customer

    Great for recipes in Plant Paradox Cookbook! Tastes great and organic.

  122. Leah

    I have been a healthy lectin free diet to heal leaky gut. yacon syrup is is a great sweetener and great for your body!

  123. Jason Grandelli

    I’m trying to reduce or eliminate my sugar intake and I hate artificial sweeteners. This syrup isn’t artificial at all and its delicious. I actually prefer it in my coffee to regular or brown sugar. Now I can have coffee again!

  124. EB

    This is less sweet than other’s I’ve tried, but it is easy to use and doesn’t harden in the jar. Has a tang a bit like apples and consistency somewhat like honey, a little runnier. I put it on pancakes or berries. I don’t think it works great in tea, but alas. I haven’t tried baking with it yet.

  125. KR

    I love this product! Low glycemic index so it’s great to sweeten anything and not worry about negative insulin spikes like real sugar gives you! Totally recommend. Tastes great!

  126. Delores Liely

    I loved the taste and it is just sweet enough. It is almost exotic and like a heavenly nectar that is silky and easy to use. I wished it were in a larger size.

  127. William R. Kerner

    I was very frustrated by the yacon syrup that is so thick it won’t pour, but yet it comes in a bottle with a narrow opening.

    This product is much more liquid and comes in a wide mouth jar. Thank you thank you thank you.

    And the cost for this was about the same. Thank you again.

    I like to make my own bbq sauce and marinades, but a member of my family is dibetic. There are lots of non-sugar sweeteners, but many recipes call for a sweetener with distinctive flavor. So when a recipe calles for brown sugar or honey or even molasses, I use yacon syrup and get the flavor to go with the sweetness. I’ve made some great sauces with this stuff.

  128. Selma L. Tyler

    I have used several different Yacon Syrup products most are very thick and hard to get out of the bottle. This one isn’t and it tastes good too. I have found this one to be closer to a maple syrup and not a molasses-like consistency like many of the others are. I would definitely buy again!

  129. Rhonda Hartman

    I purchased Alovitox Yacon Syrup for my husband to try in his coffee as he is trying to get away from white sugar. He absolutely loves it. He likes the taste and it blends well not leaving a lot of sugary sweetness in the bottom of the coffee cup like sugar does.

  130. Shari

    I’ve tried 4 different Yacon syrups and this one is the best by far! There is another one where you get a bit more syrup for a buck cheaper, however, the syrup is watered down and doesn’t taste as sweet as this one. It would be great if Yacon Syrup wasn’t so expensive but I buy it to keep from getting diabetes.

  131. ckessing

    This product is delicious! After finding out that Splenda kills the normal flora of our GI tract, I hesitantly switched to sugar in my tea. This is a huge issue for me as I react poorly to cane sugar-the insulin spikes are miserable. I searched and found this amazing product. It tastes sweet and the benefits are unreal. My only complaint is the hat isn’t big enough… I’m going through it too quickly!

  132. Lisa Stockdale

    I liked this product very much. I use it in my baking to reduce the glycemic load in our baking. My husband and I eat the Plant Paradox way of eating which requires us to reduce our sugar load. This product helps us do that.

  133. Amazon Customer

    Not sweet at all

  134. jean Hoisington

    Very good tasting syrup

  135. Ellen Ball

    I absolutely love this product! I’ve already purchased my second jar in advance as I wouldn’t want to go without it. It curbs my appetite and it is a great way to stop a sugar craving! Also had super quick delivery from the Seller. I’ll be back for more and highly recommend this product to anyone that is thinking about losing weight. It really helps!

  136. Jeffrey

    This is a great Yakon syrup product! We have tried a few brands that tend to harden or change textures, but this one is the best and most consistent taste and texture. We have used it to sweeten tea and make sauces that require sweetness but we want to remain sugar free! Great job guys.

  137. Valentine’s

    Love it! Tastes great! I use it in my hot tea, on toast and in cooking. Glad I found this product.

  138. Maureen O’Keefe

    I’ve tried many different organic sweeteners since trying to get away from sugar. The true test is how my cappuccino tastes. My neighbor told me about bacon syrup so I decided to give it a try. After looking over several different brands I chose Alovitox. It is perfect!!! Finally, a sweetener that I can use in my cappuccino without sacrificing flavor!

  139. Alan Williams

    This product arrived quickly and in a very well sealed glass container. The syrup is the thickness of honey but does not granulate over time. I use it to sweeten my hot tea. The taste is similar to very mild molasses and leaves no aftertaste. 1 teaspoon is ample to sweeten a cup of tea. I only use 2 teaspoons a day, so I am not sure how it would affect digestion in larger amounts, but I have absolutely no issues with this product. I will order this product again.

  140. Penny Hudson

    Alovitox is great and it seems to curb the appetite. Also, it leaves no aftertaste like other sweeteners do. I do wish the price was lower because I would love to use it in everything. Currently, I am only using it for my coffee.

  141. Karen

    Taste amazing

  142. Katrina

    The flavor is good, taste somewhat like molasses. Unfortunately the free recipe book was not included.

  143. Len

    I am pre diabetic and this product was recommended by a friend, its not recommended by me though.
    The taste is not pleasant and the price was extreme for what you get, not only that but after doing some research its not really a diabetic friendly product.

  144. Amazon Customer

    I guess everyone is different. I didn’t like this at all, going back to monk fruit.

  145. ken

    Has a subtle, sweet taste like a a cross between honey, molasses and maple sugar. Not overpowering though. Absolutely no weird aftertaste, like I get with other “natural” sweeteners.

  146. hiker

    Really enjoyed this product. I used it when I needed a hint of sugar in my tea. Loved that it had absolutely no after taste.

  147. Ck in Texas

    Great value and taste. Did expect a cookbook but instead was emailed a link.

  148. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for Keto baking.

  149. Carol Lageson

    Worked great for my recipes.

  150. David J Gressle

    Meets my expectations and requirements for this product

  151. jessica

    Worked great for sweetening while on Keto. Different taste but was pleasant in coffee. Pours quickly so be careful.

  152. Daisy

    I use it for cooking and adding a touch of sweetness to food. I use it sparingly as very expensive. There was not a cookbook included in my order.

  153. jackie hayes


  154. Jessica Beckman

    Taste great but also very expensive.

  155. cheezeheadtn

    This is a great product with just the right amount of sweetness for me. I use it in my tea in the morning. Consistency and texture was just right. I got this since I don’t like the artificial sweeteners and will buy it again!

  156. D. Hill

    I like that I feel like I’m having a desert when I have this yacon syrup! I used it on top of some grain free cinnamon rolls by @californiacountrygal. So yum! Thank you

  157. T. G. Edwards

    It has a very unique sweetness to it that is very good. It also doesn’t spike my blood sugar.

  158. Amazon Customer

    Not to sweet and don’t have to use a whole lot

  159. K. Schweitzer

    I love the taste of this…..Molasses! Cant wait to try it on a fastnacht! I didnt notice it raising bg after a scan. I drizzled it on french toast. A drizzle is perfect amount. Pricey for the amount you get but worth it! Wish it was in a more pourable container.

  160. Nicholas J.

    I was drawn in by the low natural calorie sweetener with only 7 calories per tea spoon. It is definitely a “sweet” product, but there is a strange after taste bitterness which detracts from my coffee. Think I am going back to Moscovado sugar.

  161. Vera D.

    I absolutely love this little yacon syrup. I have been using it for more than 10 years now, and it is of excellent quality, out-of-this-world taste, and perfect little size for what I want. If the price could go down– I would not complain. Otherwise, I would not change a thing about it. I use it over English muffins with tahini, which is inspired by an authentic Egyptian recipe. You can use it in anything, from smoothies to cakes. I just really hope that they keep selling this yacon syrup!

  162. Douglas A. Hoog

    Great for baking

  163. Samantha Shaw

    Very happy with the taste and consistency of this Yacon Syrup. The e-cookbook is really helpful too for people new to this sugar. I would definitely recommend this as an alternative to an artificial sweetener.

  164. mariah

    Taste, Good
    Price, EXPENSIVE
    Quality, it’s mostly water( not the real thing)
    Does it help weightloss, NA. This was the biggest waste. Get the real stuff

  165. katie paul

    I pretty much do not use any other sweetener than this syrup. The flavor mixed in the cookie recipes, etc. that I make have always turned out well & anyone who has eaten these recipes doesn’t know the difference in Yacon Syrup vs. white sugar unless I share my secret with them. I first read about this product in my essential oils handbook. I am so glad I took the initiative to order some & try it.

  166. dOsbod

    I thought this was an excellent sweetener for the food I was making. No weird aftertaste. I am definitely hooked on these chocolate fat bombs that use this sweetener and this is the only place I ever purchase yacon syrup from. Excellent product from an excellent company.

  167. Amazon Customer


  168. cheryl blonstein

    This is great! I love the taste: almost like mild molasses. Seems very healthy. I’m on my 2nd jar. I love that it’s packaged in glass

  169. T. Starr

    This stuff is a perfect coffee sweetener. Healthy alternative that tastes great.

  170. Ann Katz

    Great tasting and low glycemic. This syrup is a good replacement for honey and maple syrup in baking low carb recipes.

  171. Rita

    I am so happy I discovered Yacon Syrup. All natural, tasty and great replacement for maple syrup.

  172. Amazon Customer

    A great replacement for sugary syrup and best of all it is ok on Plant Paradox. Haven’t used in recipes but love it on legal pancakes and waffles.

  173. Alena Biagas

    Great, because it is syrupy the lid will stick if you are not neat. Would be better in a bottle. I like that it is glass, though.

  174. Mindy Hart

    I loved the Yacon Syrup! I used it to make caramel keto candy.

  175. cristina

    This was my first time trying yacon syrup and I love it. The taste is perfect and I add it every morning to my coffee or tea.

  176. Marie J. Smith

    Yacon syrup is my favorite sweetener. I use it to sweeten any foods or drinks guilt free! It tastes delicious and has no aftertaste. Sometimes I even eat it by the spoonful when I feel like something sweet that isn’t sugar.

  177. Amazon Customer

    I am so happy to have found this product! I use it in everything, ranging from marinades to desserts. Absolutely delicious – and healthy!

  178. Merita Qazimi

    It is great product to replace sugar.I am very pleased with this product.My order arrived promptly and intace.
    Much recommended!

  179. Amazon Customer

    Great caramel like consistency. I love using this as a drizzle on homemade dark chocolate fat bombs. With a dash of sea salt. Yum!

  180. Fred S.

    Nothing to dislike. The yacon chips/slices are terrific. Help to stave off general hunger. The syrup is the perfect sweetener and I like the low glycemic rating.

  181. nanoNYC

    I bake a lot, but I don’t use sugar, and it isn’t easy to find substitutes. I love Stevia and Swerve, but they don’t always work and they don’t add real flavor. With yacon, I substitute it for sugar most often in cakes and waffles. The taste is like caramel. I tried other cheaper and more expensive syrups, but this one is the best. No stirring up muddied color from the bottom as in others. I have trouble not eating it by the spoon, but I can if I want to. Highly recommended.

  182. Dina

    I have used Yacon syrup for baking cookies, cakes, brownies and even frosting with great results. No aftertaste and a little goes a long way. I like the intense flavor that it has which is similar to molasses. Great product.

  183. Suzanne Bleakley

    Loved this product!

  184. Donna Bartholomew-Heddins

    I used this product to make walnut bread, part of a lectin free diet. It was awesome!!wish it was cheaper though


    Love this sweetener! The taste is delicious! No after taste! I really enjoy it in my cup of tea! Only 7 calories!

  186. Margaret Fields

    Remember everyone is individual. In my experience; however, Alovitox’s Yacon Syrup does not raise my blood sugar when taken in reasonable quantities. It is the alternative sweetener that I rely upon.

  187. James Donlon

    This has taken the place of our sugary syrups.

  188. mary ann rekas

    I believe the product is first rate. It is a great substitute for molasses. Use it for a delicious walnut bread recipe.


    I thought it would taste a little more similar to sorghum. Otherwise great sugar substitute.

  190. Amazon Customer

    We used this to make cookies and they turned out great! It even arrived early.

  191. Patricia Wyatt

    I enjoy using Yacon instead of Stevia on many dishes. Natural sweeteners are the only way to go.
    Patricia Wyatt

  192. TracyCov

    I really like this low glycemic sweetener. It tastes great and is all natural.

  193. KV

    Really nice light, sweet, and flavorful taste. I use it in coffee,tea, on toast, pancakes, waffles as well as in some baking as well.
    I would purchase again.

  194. Kathryn C. Bauer

    I am new to keto and this product is great for many of the recipes. Tastes great, Thank you!

  195. Ieva

    I use this yacon syrup to sweeten my oats, add it to smoothies etc. It’s not as sweet and the fact that it’s organic is a great alternative to refined sugars.

  196. sonya tate

    I like the honey like texture, I use it to sweeten my tea and coffee

  197. Amazon Customer

    This yacon tastes good and is a good thickness. I like the jar size. I like that it is organic. I’ve tried several different venders of yacon and this is my favorite.

  198. Lainie Petersen

    Very tasty. Reminds me of molasses with a bit of cinnamon. Great on waffles or pancakes. I’ve had problems with other yacon syrups that crystalize in the jar and are impossible to pour. This brand remains liquid and easy to work with.

  199. CPet123

    I love this product. So much in fact I have used in it several of my recipes. Check them out in my book… Gone With The Sugar.

  200. Christina Frei

    The smooth texture of Alovitox Yacon Syrup is in itself pure delight. Golden silky and with a complex and sweet flavor that brightens and flavors my vintage earl grey tea, tumeric latte with coconutmilk, and chocolate avocado mousse. I had tried another brand before that cannot compare at all. Alovitox quality stands out.

  201. Cindy

    I used this product in place of maple syrup in a pumpkin bar recipe. Excellent!!

  202. Barbara-Jo Rice

    I liked the taste very much. I used it on yogurt and sweetened tea with it

  203. Janie G. McKinney

    I absolutely love using yacon syrup as a substitute in recipes calling for other types of syrups because it lowers the glycemic index so my husband and I can stay within our carb limit on our ketogenic diet. For Christmas, I used it to make a keto friendly pecan pie and everyone (including those not on ketogenic diets) loved it!

  204. Rosellen Westerhoff

    Love it. A nice sweetener for pancakes.

  205. Anna Singh

    The natural sweetener proofed to be amazingly good and when you add the benefits it’s a match made in heaven.

  206. Amazon Customer

    Excellent taste, consistency and smell.

  207. Georgia Walker

    I have purchased this product multiple times always with great results. I use this as a replacement for molasses in baked beans. They taste delicious without the calories and effect on blood sugar.

  208. Dale B. Hess Jr.

    Used it for everything in place of sugar,especially in my tea,it really makes things jump with flavor.Very satisfied with it and now wouldn’t be without it.

  209. bookworm

    This is a nice and light, tasty syrup for my french toast and pancakes!

  210. L. Bourlon

    The taste was delish.Not too sweet and nice and thick… lovely….

  211. janet versten

    I use this instead of sugar or sugar substitute, mostly in smoothies.
    It is tasty and feels good to add a natural product to my diet.
    There is an online article saying yacon syrup helps folks to loose weight.
    Perhaps I was not as vigilant as I should have been, trying for the weight loss, but it was not effective for me

  212. Jennifer Bloom

    I liked this product on toast a lot. It was a good replacement for honey. Like any other substitute for sugar, I’d rather have sugar but it was as good as anything else out there.

  213. Ann R. Hicks

    I like that I am able to use this product in place of honey. Tastes great!!!!!

  214. Ron Dufreane

    We used the Yacon Syrup on nuts, breads, and to sweeten hot chocolate.

  215. Lou

    I liked the product. It served my needs. I use it in oatmeal.

  216. Horace Knights

    The product is very good, the taste actually enhances roasted taste in coffee. Of Course, the benefits are more significant than the taste such as regulating glucose, insulin resistance etc.

  217. Lacey Mayo

    Used it as a sugar substitute in coffee, tea and oatmeal. Has a great taste!!

  218. Jeanne

    Perfect liquid sweetener that didn’t raise my blood sugar.

  219. Shirley Wilhelm

    use it on pancakes

  220. laurie grubbs

    Worked perfectly in my recipe. Jar is small so buy 2.


    Great Product .. Perfect Substitute for Sugar 🙂 taste good to me .

  222. Leslie Farison

    I really like the flavor of yacon syrup. It makes a great substitute for honey and molasses. I do wish it was not so expensive.

  223. Michael Gumbert

    A small amount goes a long way with my coffee. Love the product and service.

  224. Chad

    this worked great in my recipe in combination with swerve! I would use it again. It is pricey, but a little goes a long way

  225. Ben S.

    it works. but, not with everything.
    very good sugar replacement, when you can.

  226. hollsys

    Excellent product. Other yacon products are very thick and I left alot in the packaging. In this jar I get every bit. Mostly use in coffee but I’ve also used in salad dressings. It’s a great sweetener – it’s not too sweet and doesn’t have that chemical taste. I haven’t cooked with it so I don’t know how it holds up under heat. Highly recommend this brand – they’ve created a great product.

  227. Amazon Customer

    I made a Walnut Bread from the Plant Paradox cookbook. I really liked the flavor it imparted to the bread. I could tell the difference as I had used a different sweetener in previous loaves.

  228. Janice

    My wife used this syrup to sweeten raw desserts, along with a very small amount of blended dates, that were all sugar free, dairy free, and gluten free. It was all tasty and neither of us has dietary restrictions. Pictured is the peanut butter cup. Some of the chocolate sauce was a little harder to keep smooth after it started to cool, but overall happy with this product.

  229. Mel Gilbert

    Yacon syrup is a great alternative to sugar. I have purchased this product several times and have not been disappointed. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a sugar alternative.

  230. dog groomer

    This stuff is okay tastewise but is way overpriced for my needs. Will use occasionally but will stick with stevia for everyday use. Took off one star for price. Took off another star because I received a postcard in the mail from this company offering “deals” for getting others to buy. That’s a deal killer for me. How dare they use my Amazon purchases to market direct to me. So, as stated, will use this product occasionally but will not buy this company’s product again.

  231. Amazon Customer

    Great product. Love the taste. By itself tastes like molasses but while using it in recipes, it just sweeten them without adding other taste. Mostly used it for smoothies and homemade granola bars. A little bit pricey considering it is a small jar.

  232. Paula Lynch

    I love this product so much, I buy it two jars at a time! I first learned about it on the Dr. Oz Show and decided to try it and I’m so glad I did! I use it every day on my yogurt and blackberries and I find i couldn’t do the Keto diet without it, because I don’t like artificial sweeteners.

  233. CKS1

    I love this product, I use it instead of cane sugar in banana and walnut bread recipes, as well as chocolate chip cookies.
    It has a subtle sweetness that I love, not overpowering, no after taste like other alternative sweeteners I have tried

  234. Amazon Customer

    Our family really likes this Yacon syrup. We weren’t sure about it at first when a recipe I had called for it but decided to give it a chance. We love it now! Will continue to buy. We made some delicious pecan pie bars with this Yacon syrup and it was it hit at Christmas. We also used it to make Yacon ribs which was a recipe from Alovitox’s recipe book and they were so so so good. Best ribs I had ever eaten. Can’t wait to try more recipes with it. We are very pleased with this syrup and all the health benefits it offers. We have been doing the Keto diet for a while now and this is a great option for flavor and sweetness.

  235. C Byrd

    While this is pricey, a little goes a long way. I use just a drizzle in smoothies or protein shakes, and it makes a big difference. I like that it doesn’t have an artificial taste, and is a sweetener I can feel good about using.

  236. Shiela G

    Yacon syrup has proved to be the best sweetener I’ve found on the market these days. It’s low glycemic…enters the body slow and leaves fast. I love it!!

  237. jrook

    This is my first product review. I read about yacon syrup on a natural living/clean eating blog and decided to try it because I was looking into a low-calorie alternative to stevia. I found other Yacon products to be very sticky. This product is smooth and doesn’t separate. I happen to like more intense flavors like blackstrap molasses. If you are in the same camp, you will like yacon syrup. There is no after taste with yacon syrup. I find this to be the case with Stevia. Plus, to me, I find that sweetners like stevia has a chemical taste to it. I have eaten this raw on Greek yogurt and on oatmeal. One teaspoon is enough. I find that you do not need much. It also bakes well and mixes nicely in smoothies. I find that the flavor does not overpower the dish. I’ve purchased this product a few times now and the consistency is always the same.

  238. Heather S.

    I have recently started following plant paradox by Dr. Gundry and he recommended this sweetener. I was skeptical because of the price, but excited that it was not only delicious but also good for me. I used them to sweeten teas and made fat bombs with them!


    Thick warm caramel type consistency, clean sweet flavor. Took some getting used to using the thicker consistency. Enjoy the product.

  240. Endives

    Hi, I found this Yacon syrup lovely.

    It had a little more flavor than I had anticipated, and yet was lacking some flavor I had hoped for.

    I also noticed some glycemic- related symptoms like little headaches and other things that I get when I have sugar or fruit. However much less than with real sugar or agave or anything.

    All in all it’s a nice product, and I think I would get it again for those in frequent times when I am not using erythritol or Stevia.

  241. mkfwilliams

    I ordered this syrup to use in keto friendly recipes. It reminds me a lot of dark karo (corn) syrup! In the ultimate taste test, just eating a spoonful, I found it to taste similar to corn syrup. Sweet, smooth, yummy!

  242. Don K

    Very Sweet
    Close to honey and syrup at the same time
    Love the hint of maple

  243. Sarah Mallory

    This syrup has the right amount of sweetness for a person doing the keto diet, and wanting sweet.

  244. Georgia

    I’m on my 4th bottle of this sweetener. It’s a little steep in price but well worth it. If you’re like me and the aftertaste of sugar substitutes leaves you struggling with your morning coffee and are considering kicking the comforting morning ritual due to that nasty aftertaste, this is your sweetener! Look no further. Also, I’ve tried other Yacon syrups and the bottling has proved problematic, I could never get all of the syrup out of the bottles. No problem here. With the glass jar you’ll get every last drop. I’m in love. This is how to kick a honey or sugar habit. 5 BIG Stars!!

  245. Kate

    My keto granola turned out great using this in place of honey

  246. JL

    Works great in my Keto cookies!

  247. Amazon Customer

    I loved it. I am a personnel chef for someone that has sugar restrictions and this was a big hit. Thanks

  248. Jamie U.

    I put a teaspoon every morning in my coffee. I’ve tried other brands but they turn to a tar like substance and stick in the bottom of the jar. This yacon syrup is not as thick as some but I like the taste it’s very mild. I seem to run out pretty quickly so I’ve started monthly subscription. I started taking yacon to lose weight. I haven’t lost any but my last doctors appointment my blood sugar was really good and the only thing I’ve done different is add yacon to my coffee. (my
    previous app. my doctor said my blood sugar was way to high and close to prediabetic!) So over all I’m happy.

  249. Ann

    This is one of the best new sweetners we have tried. No aftertaste, no digestive upset. So thrilled to have found it. Thank you

  250. Wendi Corbin

    Reviews about yacon syrup that I’ve read have said that it hardens at the bottom and you have to stir it but this hasn’t hardened at all. I’ve been having a spoonful in my coffee each morning and it’s delicious! 🙂

  251. Kelly F. Hendricks

    This is a great product- flavor is amazing!

  252. Dan Miller

    Used it for baking…great product but pricey. Does add some quality taste and color to some walnut bread we made.

  253. Paula Gilbert

    We bought the yacon syrup to make caramels at Christmas and they were wonderful! The flavor was amazing and we were really pleased with the outcome of the candy.

  254. ME

    I love to use this in my chai.

  255. Jeff O’Brien

    The syrup tastes wonderful. It has a nice consistency. The wide mouth jar makes it good for spooning out the syrup.

  256. stephanie

    THe product helped regulate my bowels without the cramps

  257. Richard Hart

    My girlfriend has to be on a low carb
    diet for lymphedema.
    Yacon syrup helps achieve her goal.


    This yacon syrup is the best I’ve tried.

  259. Alex-Michael

    Yacon syrup is not as sweet as sugar or coconut palm sugar, but it’s an awesome substitute if you’re trying to remove, or limit the amount of sugar that you have in your diet. I would recommend using it in coffee if you like a little bit of a sweet note to your cup of joe. The only down side (and the reason why didn’t give it 5/5 stars) is that it is a little expensive, especially if you are comparing it to sugar, or sugar substitutes.

  260. Julie Celeste

    I use this mainly as a prebiotic for gut health. I use this in my coffee, doesn’t give it any new flavor, very good alternative to Honey. I just started using it in my plain yogurt in place of honey. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that before.

  261. Margaret

    This syrup is delicious. I love putting it in my oatmeal.

  262. new mommy

    I have been using Alovitox for sometime & I love the taste so much that I can’t have my coffee without it anymore. I have recommended it to friends & family as well.

  263. Linda Hoffman

    We needed a sugar that tasted great and didn’t raise glycemic levels. EVERYONE liked this one. Some of the sugar alcohols like stevia, erythritol, or xylitol left aftertastes that werent good or people had digestive issues. EVERYONE liked this one and didn’t even know it wasnt regular sugar.

  264. Scill

    I absolutely love this product. I used this to make an almond bread with walnuts and it was delicious. I am a border line diabetic and this product did not cause me to have a blood sugar spike. I will definitely be using this all the time when I want to sweeten anything that I eat or drink.

  265. Dee Gee

    Yacon syrup is the best natural sweetener I have tasted so far. I tried some sugar free syrup but they were not as thick & had that artificial sweet taste. Yacon is naturally thick, naturally sweet & naturally good.

  266. Amazon Customer

    I love this product! It tastes amazing and I use it all of the time.

  267. Erik Petersen

    I think the flavor is great and I love that it is low glycemic!!!

  268. Nicole S.

    I used in my peanut sauce recipe and it tasted great!

  269. Chrissy T

    I used this for making my own dried cranberries! I follow the Plant Paradox diet for my cancer and the Yacon Syrup is perfect for many dishes in my cookbook.

  270. Elizabeth Griffin

    This syrup is a great substitute for molasses in low carb recipes. So far I have used it to make low carb gingerbread cookies as well as low carb BBQ sauce, and both turned out extremely delicious! You can mix it with your other granulated sugar of choice to make low carb brown “sugar” (I use a mix of monk fruit, stevia, and erythritol). It is slightly higher carb than some other sweeteners, but a little bit goes a long way! 1 tsp has 4 carbs, but I only used one tsp in a whole batch of BBQ sauce, for example. I have been on a ketogenic diet for several months now, I am so glad I found this low carb option-I don’t even miss molasses or brown sugar.

  271. Kindle Customer

    But the jar is great packaging which is why I am giving 3 stars. I wish the yacon syrup that I really like used this type of jar.

  272. Jackie Swartz

    I use this to make keto friendly desserts and love it! It adds the perfect amount of sweetness!

  273. Theodore P.

    I am following Doctor Gundry’s plant paradox diet, one walnut bread recipe calls yacon syrup as sweetener, I searched on amazon and found this one, bought it and it turned out very well with my walnut bread. I already bought 3 bottles and I have to keep buying them as the walnut bread is the food for my breakfast now.

  274. Koleen

    Yes the yacon syrup was very good. I used it in a pecan pie.

  275. Snappy

    Easy way to make a difference in my husband’s health. Syrup tastes great in coffee. Sits next to the coffee maker and auto delivery gets here right on time.

  276. RK

    The best part of this syrup is that its true to its description.

  277. Carol E

    I made pecan pie squares with Yacon syrup for a keto dessert at Thanksgiving. It was mild flavored and Delish! Already purchased again!

  278. GM

    I use this instead of sugar to my coffee, tea and baking my favorite brownie recipe. I like the taste better than any other sweetener.

  279. Amy E. F

    Love this for baking and making sugar free bars.

  280. Alexandra

    I have been looking for a good sugar replacement for a very long time now! Have tried maple syrup. raw honey, stevia, sugar alcohols… you have it. Nonetheless, none of them would meet all of the simple requirements of being low GI, and adding the right taste into the meal. Finally I have found this syrup and it is perfect!! The taste is incredible (much better than stevia with a horrible aftertaste) but it is also perfect for someone who wants to keep a low GI sugar free lifestyle. I add it into all of my breakfast bowl, chia seed puddings and pastries. Honestly could not be more grateful to have discovered it!

  281. Dana

    I have bought a few different brands of Yacon syrup and Alovitox has the best yacon syrup. The taste is sweet with a caramel taste, but not overly sweet. It also adds a nice flavor to coffee and tea and helps me not miss sugar or honey. Great brand and will continue to use.

  282. bumblebee

    I use a little Yacon syrup in my tea in the morning, and this one rates! Never any issues at all with this brand.

  283. AEC

    Has a fuller sweet flavor, I use some when recipes call for molasses or brown sugar. Highly recommend!

  284. KC

    Was craving gingerbread cookies but not really a fan of molasses. Being Keto-bound, I found yakon syrup, was very impressed with the benefits of it! And those cookies tasted fabulous!!

  285. K.W.

    To me, yacon syrup tastes like a combo of maple syrup and honey; it’s delicious in coffee/lattes and swirled into plain Greek yogurt. A little goes a long way; 1-2 teaspoons is usually plenty. I like that it’s natural and has several potential health benefits, including lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, and helping with weight loss. And even if yacon syrup isn’t the “miracle” food the internet is claiming it is, it’s still a healthier alternative to refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.

    I’ve been using Alovitox organic yacon syrup since fall 2018 (I’ve gone through six jars), and I’ve been happy with the quality and service. I also appreciate that Alovitox packages the syrup in glass jars instead of plastic.

  286. Jackie Kemper

    I had never had this product before I purchased here. I have used it in plant paradox recipes instead of other sweeteners. It works very well as a substitute!

  287. Nicolle Foland

    I tried Alovitox first and I liked it but I thought I’d try a brand that had a plastic bottle that was easier to pour the syrup out of but the flavor and consistency were inferior to Alovitox. I’m going back to Alovitox.

  288. Carolyn Knott

    Like product. Makes great bread!

  289. CJ

    I love this syrup in my coffee or tea and have also used it to make yummy muffins in a cup. it has a very pleasant taste and is not too sweet like some natural sweeteners.

  290. RH

    I have diabetes Type 2 and so am always looking for good alternative sweeteners. This one does not spike my blood sugar so it’s a winner by me!

  291. K. Eiskamp

    I love the fact that this Yacon Syrup is thin enough to drizzle on pancakes or waffles and not too sweet. I also love that is comes in a glass jar. I keep it in the refrigerator after I open it and it doesn’t get thick and hard to use. I also use it in recipes instead of pure maple syrup or brown sugar.

  292. Desiree Merulli

    Nice medium carmelly sweet flavor. Great on pancakes and waffles.

  293. NoRain2day

    i bought this for the keto/low carb lifestyle and even though i dont follow it all the time, i still use it on my oats and other things. it’s a natural choice.

  294. BrendaC

    I really liked this product! Its a little bit like caramel but way less sweet. I’m using it as a natural alternative to sugar in my coffee as I’m trying to stay as low carb as possible. That being said, I just used it as a light sauce on a coconut pudding that I made and that was delicious. Will buy again.

  295. Oscar R. Miranda


  296. neansai

    I found this product while searching diabetic friendly desserts for the holidays and have not been disappointed. I have used it several times to make sugar free caramel sauce, gingerbread cookies, and an incredible caramel cake. I will definitely buy this again.

  297. Mike Z.

    This product offers a nice alternative to sugar. I put it in my green tea smoothies instead of sugar.

  298. Nadya Cam

    I haven’t tested my blood sugar after eating this syrup but I am usually pretty sensitive to sugar and I seem to be doing just fine. I like the flavor and add it to my teas, coffee and drizzle some on yogurt and oatmeal. I keep it in the fridge next to my butter, I don’t know how long it’d last on the counter. I’ll be ordering more for sure!

  299. KELLI

    I love it! It taste great.

  300. K. mic

    Alovitox Yacon Syrup tastes wonderful in coffee and easily spoons out of the jar. This product does not get all gummed up at the bottom.

  301. Shelma

    I think this product tastes great in my coffee but you have to put in an awful lot to get the sweetness I like, which isn’t super sweet. For the price of this product I don’t think I will buy it again.

  302. Janelle

    I made keto caramels and it was very good! Did not have the after taste some sweeteners have. I will definatly use this product in the future for baking and just as a topping for custard, ice cream, etc.

  303. Kindle Customer

    I decided to try this as my syrup for my low carb pancakes, it tastes great. I also use this in my hot tea and/or unsweeten creamer or half & Half. I plan to start using it in my other recipes that call for a sweetener. The product didn’t give me an aftertaste, nor a ‘cooling effect’ like some sugar alternatives. I am on my second jar and I plan to make this a staple in my diet. I will see if I see weight loss too by adding this to my diet, as some others have indicated.

    I also like that it comes in a glass jar, as I am trying to reduce the amount of plastic I use. The product does arrive in a secured package in a timely manner.

    This is my unbiased review. I recently received a promotional offer (after purchasing my second jar) to leave a review. If I didn’t like the product, I would not have left such a positive review. You can check my other product reviews and you can see that they aren’t always positive. Try it, I believe that you will like it, as I do.

  304. RMcloser

    So, my review probably won’t show up as being “verified ” by Amazon because I didn’t purchase it through the site. I purchased a package of 3 through ebay from the seller with the user name, alovitox. I assume it’s a legitimate direct seller , perhaps the same one here on Amazon. I decided to go through Ebay because I had a $5 coupon that brought my total down to $15 per bottle.

    This is only my second purchase of Yacon Syrup. I use yacon syrup in my baked goods, mostly cookies, and to sweeten my plain yogurt. I wanted to try Alovitox because the price was cheaper than the first brand I tried and the product had largely good reviews. I honestly regret purchasing this brand. The taste is no where near as sweet or bold, yet it contains the same amount of sugars as other brands. The taste overall is just much more muted, bland. It didn’t really add any distinct and pleasant flavor. Some reviews compared this to molasses and I whole-heartedly disagree. It may have a similar color but it’s a lighter brown and I believe I have made it clear just how unappealing the taste is.

    The original brand I liked was called Blue Lily Organics. The flavor was distinct and it tasted sweet, pleasantly sweet. If I’m going to add sugar, in any form, into my baking/cooking, I’d better be able to taste it. It can’t just be there taking up calories in my diet without me tasting or enjoying it. This is the cardinal sin that Alovitox did with me.

    As I related earlier, I purchased Alovitox cheaper at $1.89 per ounce ($15/bottle). Blue Lily Organics is $2.25 per ounce ($18/bottle). I gave it a shot to see if I could save some money but it didn’t work out. I think what I’ll probably do is buy another bottle of Blue Lily and then combine it with the Alovitox when baking. Hopefully the combination works out and my baked goods will still taste good.

  305. Voik

    It’s a lovely syrup, but way overpriced.

  306. Kindle Customer

    My household has been on a keto diet for over a year now. I personally cannot tolerate natural sweeteners like Stevia and Monk fruit. Both leave an awful aftertaste which is hard to get rid of. This sweetener has no aftertaste, does not spike my blood sugar or take me out of ketosis. I have only used the syrup so far and found it to be lovely and makes my afternoon cup of green tea a treat. Because of price I cannot use it to completely replace the erythritol and xylitol we currently use, but Yacon has definitely found a place in my pantry.

  307. estelle macon

    Wonderful product. Sweet and healthy. Add to plain yogurt, oatmeal etc.

  308. Gaited

    I tried this product as a healthier substitute for artificial sweeteners. While it is a reasonably good substitute, it really doesn’t go very far. Adding $1 per cup for a sweetener for my coffee or tea is just ridiculous. I don’t know who can afford to use this product on a regular basis, but it isn’t in my budget.

  309. Savvysmom

    My family and I decided to cut way back on sugar four years ago. This is a great product for helping with that because it works so well in recipes! The mouthfeel is like a thick maple syrup or molasses to me, but with a slightly fruity taste. A very welcome addition to our pantry after months of not being able to find a good organic yacon product!

  310. Amazon Customer

    The yacon syrup tastes great, and looks high quality. It’s great in smoothies, coffee, and I even tried it in an Old Fashioned (way better than sugar, in my opinion, gives much more complex flavor). Great value for the money. Will definitely buy again.

  311. Seth

    Not crazy about it. I tried it based on the reviews, but I did not care for the flavor.

  312. Jessica H.

    This yacon syrup is a great value for a quality product. It’s a natural tasting sweetener without any aftertaste. Use it just like you would honey as a sweetener. A little goes a long way, so you’ll get a lot out of this jar! Would definitely purchase again.

  313. Emily Thornbury

    I’m not a fan of molasses, so I wasn’t sure about this, but I use it in my herbal tea now and it tastes great.

  314. Laura A Gereg

    It was delicious and added a nice color to my keto desserts.

  315. Dave S.

    This product tastes horrible and Amazon will not allow you to return it. It is a waste of money.

  316. Jared P.

    My husband has cleverly invented a keto friendly whiskey sour using this product and it comes out amazing! I started using it as a sweetener in my coffee, but that didn’t last due to the price being a bit high. But in the long term, it’s cheaper to pay a bit more for healthier eating than being sick. The consistency is like honey and it tastes good. We would buy it again.

  317. Regina Dolan

    I use this product as a replacement for honey or maple syrup. It’s much lower in sugar and tasty.


    Penut butter and Yacon syrup! Jelly is a high sugar trigger yacon was a Super alternative I was worried out an after taste but found none this stuff is perfect. It is sweet with out the bite of regular sugar. As I transition away from sugar I realize I no longer like the salty, super sweetness, of straight sugar, this has that mild smoothness, with just enough sweet to satisfy

  319. Amazon Customer

    Love the product

  320. Hari Mander S. Khalsa

    Love the flavor with my chai other tea. The glass jar is easy to use.

  321. Andy

    Sure the price is higher-but you get what you pay for. Great flavor for making keto caramels. If you want to eat healthier and more conscience of ingredients then you spend a little more. I use in coffee sometimes for Starbucks Hack that isn’t a total sugar/calorie/carb bomb. Keeps in the refrigerator well. A little goes a long way.

  322. cinna lucy

    This product is a great substitute for sugar. It is flavorful, organic, and substitutes recipes for real sugar.

  323. Julia Schumann

    The taste was ok but the amount of gas I had after using same was awful. Also, I did not get my cookbook.

  324. Chris

    No distinct flavor. Odd sweetness like a tree sap. Addition to coffee left an odd taste to the coffee. Not available for return per Amazon.

  325. Raymond Lopez

    Good flavor, kind of hard to mix with things like butter. Only problem is, it is a small amount for how much I want to use. So I have to be cost efficient and take small amounts. A lot of flavor for small amount but wish there was more for the price.

  326. Ashley

    … and I’m a convert! It reminds me of a mix of molasses and honey and is great when you need a little sweetness added to a dish (or on its own). Unless the honey or maple syrup is straight from the source (e.g. friends who have hives or tap trees), I’m making the switch to yacon syrup all the time, every time. Highly recommend.

  327. Debra Kunerth

    Gross, not a syrup (water)! Tastes burnt!!!!

  328. Lolita

    Don’t really like the flavor and the price was a little steep for such a small jar.

  329. Amazon Customer

    Keto protein bars. Worked very well

  330. Kenneth

    I used it as a substitute for maple syrup in a Keto cookie recipe.

  331. Jessica Jones

    I went off “sugar” about six months ago. This has been a great sugar substitute that has kept my blood sugar steady and gives my food a subtle sweetness without the fake taste of artificial sweeteners.

  332. White Ginger

    Just knowing we’re using a wholesome product to sweeten baked items gives us confidence that we are on the right path to being healthier.

  333. K. McDonald

    We tried this since it was recommended by Dr. Gundry (“Plant Paradox”), and it has worked well in our baking so far. However, no e-cookbook has been received after two weeks, and attempts to obtain it manually from the vendor website have gone unanswered. So, enjoy the sweetener; just don’t expect the cookbook.

  334. msdjhill

    Excellent sweetener especially when you want to cut down on granulated sugar and calories. Love it!

  335. Aristodemos Pierides

    Yacon Syrup is a natural sweetener. I use it instead of usual sugar or even coconut sugar in my morning coffee!!
    It has an amazing flavor and aroma, far surpassing agave, and maple syrup. It lends an amazing flavor to anything you add it to. In coffee it blends in perfectly well and leaves no undesirable hint of any kind whatsoever.
    It is a bit expensive for its size, but it is only for the eclectic and health minded!
    I recommend it wholeheartedly.

  336. Ray jacues

    Doing keto and so glad I have this product. From sweetening my plain Greek yogurt to topping my keto pancakes, this product is a must!

  337. Karen Ranney

    I am very careful about the products I ingest, especially anything that could raise my blood sugar. Yacon Syrup doesn’t, plus it really tastes good. To me it tastes like a lighter molasses, something that goes well with toast or tea.

  338. Rindy

    I use alovitox for baking. Guilt-free desserts!

  339. Gwennie

    Tastes great and doesn’t crystallize/congeal like some other brands. Jar looks small, but it lasts longer than you’d expect.

  340. Minpins Rule

    Its a different flavor but I dont mind. No free cookbook though. It sends you to a dumpy website where you plug in your email to download. Still havent got my email with hyperlink. Basically no free cookbook

  341. Drina

    Expensive but worth my insulin not being ng affected by it

  342. Amazon Customer

    Replaced agave with yacon syrup…now I could never go back

  343. Janice A Pack

    I used this to make a sugar free low carb Amaretto __

  344. Amazon Customer

    This is the only sweetener I found–at least, that I liked the taste of–that DIDN’T upset my stomach or g.i. tract! (Of course, I only took 2 teaspoons full in my coffee–I don’t want to push my luck–but that was perfect level of sweetness for my big 16oz espresso-latte, amazingly!) I really enjoy the taste–it tastes like caramel, but slightly deeper, like roasted (or toasted) caramel. (You know how coffee tastes sweeter, the darker the beans are roasted? It’s like that, but of caramel instead of coffee. Perfect!) Yet it doesn’t linger as super sweet aftertaste in my mouth, the way monkfruit or honey does (I dislike honey due to that excess sweet taste lingering.) Also, as a diabetic, I was very relieved to discover that this Yacon Syrup did not affect my blood sugar level! (I could tell by the way I feel: sugar and honey make me sluggish, sleepy, fuzzy-headed. But this Yacon Syrup had NO impact-it didn’t cause “brain-fog” nor sugar-spike of my blood sugar!, and my blood glucose tested out normal!!) Now, I’m not thrilled at the price, but to me, it’s so worth it, because I detest all the other sweeteners I have used including Splenda, erythritol, Stevia, etc. (Plus they really tear up my gut!) I like Equal barely, but only in iced tea (and in whipped cream); it doesn’t taste good in my coffee or anything else. So I don’t bother with it. And it tastes great in my huge bucket of strong coffee! Bingo!
    NOTE: The only other 3 sweeteners that I do like the taste of are Allulose (yum!), Xylitol (good in tea! But deadly to dogs!) And Monk-fruit (Tastes fantastic!…but…)
    So here is my reasoning:
    -Allulose tastes great! And NO after-taste. No fake taste, either. But it only sweetens my latte somewhat (so I must add a bit of sugar,) since if I use a 3rd tsp of Allulose, I found I have a bit of g.i. issue (just a mild stomach ache; not bad, but usually these things get worse every day wirh use, so I won’t push my luck.) I’ll use Allulose occasionally, especially to take some with me (since Yacon Syrup is not easily made “portable”! It’s far too sticky and messy-like honey.)

    -Xylitol, I’ve used for 10+ years, I love it in iced tea, lemonade, etc.-it’s perfectly delicious! It doesn’t sweeten my coffee enough though, at least, I’m not going to add more, as even 2 spoonfulls give me slight g.i. issues over time, but a bit more each day (but over time, it became a predictable way to keep “regular”.__ But not severe like Maltitol or Sorbitol. Just won’t wait….) But worst of all, my dog got into it TWICE and both times almost DIED! Xylitol can kill your dog in under 30 minutes–it makes dog’s blood sugar drop to deadly levels in moments! Very toxic to them! It is very costly to have the vet save them ($5,000 each time!) as dog needed hospitalization for days! They may never fully recover completely. So I can’t risk that (or afford that!)
    ***Hint: IF your dog ever eats or licks Xylitol, immediately call Poison Control (yes, the vets say to call Poison Control, just as you would for a human! Really!!) Poison Control told me to quickly rub some corn-syrup (Karo, etc.) under their gums, around dog’s teeth, to help bring dog’s blood sugar back up towards normal, and take your dog to a vet, immediately as they’ll need IV of sugar solutions for a day or more.

    –Monk-fruit is the 3rd sweetener, and I think I will like it, but it’s sooo sweet, I’m still playing with the scant amount you are supposed to use. But it would likely be good in sour drinks like lemonade. Again, it’s super sweet, and has a super sweet aftertaste (like honey does, but far sweeter!) It’s not at all bad, but I just need to get the right dose so as not to over-sweeten the food in question. But so far, no stomach upset or g i. issues.)

  345. Cindyc

    Can’t even remember why I ordered this stuff, but the taste is awful.

  346. Amazon Customer

    Tastes great

  347. rng

    This is the only yacon syrup I’ve tried,so while I can’t compare, I can honestly say I love this stuff. I add a teaspoon to my bowl of oats and it’s perfect! I am not on any special diet, just trying to make some small improvements where I easily can.

  348. Amazon Customer

    Love the flavor, reminds me of dark corn syrup or molasses. Wish it wasn’t so expensive, would love to see how it is in baked goods.

  349. jasz

    where is my ebook of recipes??

  350. Sasha Allenby

    Texture is awesome. Out of all the yacon syrups I’ve had, this is the most reliable and consistent. I’ve had others that crystalize in the bottle. However, it’s not as sweet as other brands. I got through this one in less than 2 weeks while my other brands have lasted me 3+ weeks at a similar price (using the same amount every day). I definitely had to use a lot more. So although I’d love to stick with this one because of the consistency and taste, and because it’s organic, the fact that I have to use so much more to get the same results means I’ll switch back to my previous brand.

  351. Roberta Myers

    Great flavor & worked well in the recipes I had for it. The only reason I didn’t give a 5 is that is does have some sugar calories, but for an occasional recipe, it’s well worth the sugars. Not nearly as strong as Molassas either.

  352. KEF

    Texture is better than one other brand I’ve used (peruvian). It’s not as sweet so I had to use a lot more in my coffee, chai teas and baked goods. I’d love to stick with this one but the cost is more than the other brand.

  353. John Gimenez

    Taste like molasses and works for most applications.

  354. Mark Troyan

    I use yacon syrup in all my hot and cold beverages that I want some sweetness but I can not use alot of sugar. Yacon syrup tastes just like sugar without all the bad effects for diabetics and well now anyone

  355. shirin

    Great product ! Highly recommend it . Specially if you are into eating healthy and care about your sugar intake !

  356. Amazon Customer

    Good taste

  357. Dscox

    Love this product! It is so delicious, I plan on ordering more and more!

  358. Jacquelyn

    A quality syrup and a great value for the money. Taste is good and it’s a great alternative to white sugar.

  359. Mel

    Threw in trash.
    Waste of money

  360. Ervin L. Adams

    Very smooth. I have bought other brands, and had to fight to get the syrup out of the jar due to coagulation. This brand was very smooth and tasty.

  361. Hanii Mtd

    I LOOOOVE everything about this Yacon syrup!!!
    Thre sweetness is natural, the taste is good, and I used in my smoothie and it was perfect ____

    The price is good too ____
    I’m gonna buy it again for sure ____

  362. Cindi

    I am on a low carb diet and bought this as a replacement for molasses in BBQ sauce. It worked perfect, excellent product.

  363. Mike

    Hard to review because this jar built my only knowledge base of the product. I researched it and decided to buy this one mostly based on reviews.. I received it as expected, packaged well for shipping protection… used it in my coffee,but wasn’t as sweet as I anticipated and boy I’ll tell you… this stuff cleans you out, not in a bad way but though… it may have been my body’s reaction to Yacon or that’s what you can expect… I’ll obviously have to do more in-depth research if I ever buy again… unless I want to cleanse.

    4-stars because I don’t know what 5-stars should be as far as quality of the Yacon… but shipping and product containers were quality

  364. Wendy M.

    I never received the recipe book. It does look and taste a bit like molasses but not quite. and doesn’t leave that artificial aftertaste. I just wish i had the book as i haven’t made anything with it yet

  365. Patricia DellaRova

    I cannot tolerate any sugar substitutes. Except for this yacon syrup. I have never been able to use Stevia , Monk Fruit, etc due to the aftertaste I detect. Apparently I am very sensitive to this as most people I know do not notice any aftertaste. I love this yacon syrup.


    keto protein bars

  367. Patricia

    I have been looking for a sweetener with no after taste, this one doesn’t have an after taste, but I didn’t feel it made my coffee sweet. The bottle is small also. I like that it doesn’t have after taste but I need something to sweeten my coffee.

  368. KEB

    Tastes like crap and you can’t return it….waste of $$$

  369. Tigerlilly

    I am always looking for ways to cut down on sugar. I used pure maple syrup to sweeten my coffee, etc. but do realize that it’s high in calories. I read on back of my matcha green tea package to sweetened the tea with yacon so I did my research and was anxious to try it hoping it will help me cut down on the maple syrup usage and artificial sweeteners. I agree with the other 1 stars, not only is this stuff useless as far as making my coffee taste sweet as I like it, it’s expensive and it did not come with a cookbook as illustrative. I would not buy again and will not recommend to anyone. A waste of my money.

  370. Lynda Mosier

    My husband and I used this Yacon syrup for the first time in coffee, iced Tea, green tea and on waffles. I like very sweet coffee or tea, therefore it takes three tsp of the syrup to sweeten. To be more conservative with the syrup because of cost, one can add two tsp plus one packet of Stevie. The syrup plus creamer makes it taste like sweetened with sugar. Eating it plain, it will not taste exactly like sugar or molasses but it sure is close. It beats artificial sweetners and much more health benefits. Thank you for the cookbook. I will make use of the Yacon recipes.

  371. JRS

    I love this Yacon syrup it goes great on cereal, pancakes, tea, etc. best of all it arrives packed very well in a box and I love that it is in a glass jar. Its a great prebiotic to add to your diet with the added benefit of having a low glycemic index.

  372. Jeannettea

    Syrup is great for people trying to diet; sugar level (calories) very low compared to most sweeteners.

  373. Trinity

    This syrup is delicious and adds a wonderful molasses taste to bake goods/cookies with out all the sugar. I eat keto for control of blood glucose and Yacon syrup is a great way to add flavor without all the sugar. A small amount combined with my other keto sweeteners adds a lot of flavor with far less sugar than traditional molasses. Comes in a glass jar with a nice wide mouth for easy spooning.

  374. TRP

    I find this sweetener doesn’t have any aftertaste like stevia or the sugar alcohols. It has a very slight caramel – molasses taste, which I find more satiating then the other keto friendly sweeteners. I just wish it would come in a larger size.

  375. Gloria Pecson

    My favorite way to eat popcorn is with ghee or coconut oil, I add Alovitox yacon syrup and sea salt. Of the few brands of yacon syrup that I have tried, this has the best flavor. It’s nice and thick, not too thick, just right. The texture and sweetness has been consistent. The glass jar is a bonus. I’ve been purchasing this yacon for a year now, and i’m about to order again. This is a must try!

  376. hal rabin

    Used product for plant paradox recipes. Really enjoyed, but went really fast, a little pricey for my retirement budget.

  377. Chaka

    I am a diabetic and always looking for alternative organic sweeteners. When I first received the product I used it on my weekly Sunday waffle breakfast. The flavor was great.

  378. Lacey Clark

    I love Yacon Syrup and Alovitox is priced well.

  379. Chazandru

    Low calorie, great taste, natural, WOW!

  380. D. West

    This product is amazing. Tastes like maple syrup without the sugar and calories of actual syrup. I highly recommend to anyone trying to manage their blood sugar levels or just interested in eating healthier.

  381. Susan

    I add a little to my daily shakes and have used this with various fat bomb recipes and have enjoyed the taste. I will be ordering this again.

  382. dorothy mosby

    To control blood sugars my daughter sent Yacon syrup. I was on chemotherapy and taking large doses of steroids which runs up you glucose levels. Ya on has a low glycemic score and the taste is marvelous. I enjoyed it in my coffee, hot and cold cereal.

  383. carissa

    This has the same flavor and consistency of sorghum syrup. I use it in everything sweet and savory.

  384. Josh Winter

    This is a very high quality product. We thought this would be closer to the sweetness of honey, but it’s a bit bitter. It’s a little expensive, but you are paying for the quality. It comes in a very nice glass jar that is easy to open and recyclable, which is always a plus!

  385. lindalou

    Love this on Keto pancakes, as a topping for low carb ice cream or simply smeared on a slice of low carb bread…DELISH!!

  386. Natalia

    Finally…no yacon stuck for prosperity at the bottom of a plastic bottle! Great taste, ease of use. Just wish I could purchase a larger size.

  387. Sheryl G. Donohue

    Very happy with this brand of Yacon Syrup.

  388. maricela keiser

    Tried several, and this one has a great taste. It is easy to spoon and, unlike others, does not solidify.

  389. Jessica Lehman

    Love that this is yummy and low glycemic!

  390. Brenda

    The flavor was wonderful. I used it on some almond flour pancakes and it was perfect

  391. Kindle Customer

    Great product

  392. Amazon Customer

    I really like it and don’t feel guilty on eating it since it’s a healthier version of syrup.

  393. Sprehe Ratina

    This is really good on Keto pancakes and even toast. We love it!

  394. CoolGrandma

    I was looking for a sweetener that promoted gut health and wouldn’t cause weight gain. Yacon Syrup which serves as a prebiotic for good bacteria versus feeding the bad stuff seemed to fit the bill. I tried cheaper brand, but came back to Alovitox as I like the taste and quality.

  395. ScottinTexas

    Great low glycemic sweetener for my coffee, which takes away the slight bitterness. Always well packed (bubble wrap and its own box) inside Amazon box. All the yacon syrups are expensive but the price is competitive.

  396. Angela R.

    Love this stuff with pancakes, just sweet enough without all the sugar

  397. Samantha Horn

    After having some candida problems I needed an alternative for sugar in my tea. Yakon syrup to the rescue!!! This is by far the best natural sugar replacement I’ve found. Haven’t done too much else with it yet, but it is great in drinks!

  398. Liana

    I love how little you need to make it sweet. It’s also low calorie, plus good for gut health. Will forever be my main sweetener!

  399. Grekhava Tatiana

    What can I say – another great product from Alovitox! These guys are on another level! It tastes great and I put it on my son’s pancakes in the morning and he loves it. I love it on my yogurt and granola in the morning at it tastes great! Bravo Alovitox!

  400. TL

    I’ve tried a couple different brands now and Alovitox is comparable in flavor, consistency, and I do prefer their packaging. It’s easy to see what’s inside, dip a spoon in, and get all of it out in the end. Some brands have packaging that makes that impossible.

  401. E

    This stuff is delicious. A little like honey, a little like molasses. And great health benefits. Only down side is it’s very expensive for a tiny jar. I will be buying it regularly if it weren’t for the price.

  402. Iryna

    I have read many articles about the benefits of adding yacon syrup instead of honey. So my matcha tea and veggie smoothies got the best taste ever when I tried this yacon syrup! Yummy!!!

  403. Kristin

    I’ve used this product in all types of low-sugar recipes and they all came out great!

  404. Joyous Reader

    I use this in addition to other sweeteners in keto desserts. It imparts a nice flavor and in certain recipes, it helps retain softness (rather than hardening too much). Use it regularly.

  405. Linda

    Have used this product for several months. While a bit expensive, I feel it is worth the cost.
    Enjoy the flavor and consistency. It fits into my dietary restrictions. Will continue to order

  406. Barbro R.

    I love the flavor of this syrup, and the fact it does not affect the blood sugar level.

  407. Brian Davies

    Thickness, taste

  408. Laura Todd

    Great flavor, has pop.

  409. jwc

    I enjoyed using this syrup the way I use honey. I use it on pancakes and ice-cream. It has a unique and flavorful taste.

  410. Bob In Alabama

    According to the seller, it has some health benefits. On the other hand, they claim that it is a sweetner and it is not. When I tasted it out of the bottle, it reminded me of molasses. In coffee, I could not detect its presence and it certainly did not sweeten the coffee.

  411. Christian Garcia

    Perfect for any uniquely sweet experience. Deep molasses, thick texture and great for that perfect kiss for anybody to use.

  412. Julie

    Tastes very similar to a light molasses. Healthier version. I add it as a sweetener to my oatmeal. A little pricey but a little goes a long ways. Very sweet.

  413. galt de Sieyes

    I tried your Yacon Syrup for the first time and love, love, love it! The flavor matches nicely with so many other foods. I’ve been using it to sweeten my tea, topping desserts and even cooking stir fries. This product will be a staple in my cupboard and I can’t wait to try your Yacon powder too.

  414. rogerdoger-5

    use this in baking my walnut bread; gives it the sweat flavor I desire.

  415. Suz

    I like using this instead of sugar – it’s just better for you.

  416. Maria

    Happy about this product. I use it as a sweetener for my morning coffee. I’ve tried adding it to my chocolate ganache to make bon bons and came out so yum! it’s burnt caramel taste makes it a good flavor profile to add into any dark chocolate-based desserts or even creme brulee syrup, pancake syrup, etc.

  417. Renee

    Love this sweetener! It is absolutely delicious. I like to use it for baking or on baked sweet potatoes with a bit of ghee.

  418. Imen

    When I bought this Yacon syrup I didn’t know what to expect really. I have never tried one before, but I was pleasantly surprised. It tastes great!
    My husband and I now use it regularly in our coffee and granola. It’s delicious!

  419. Daniel Sakrisson

    Terrible aftertaste

  420. Amazon Customer

    It’s a great sweetener for our Keto diet. Great to use for anything that calls for honey, molasses, or maple syrup. Does not affect my blood sugar..

  421. Geraldine Fernandez

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this Yacon syrup. I use it in my coffee, on yogurt and even on my pancakes. Recently started drizzling it on ghee buttered low carb toast, it’s absolutely delicious and a great low carb/low sugar treat.

  422. Renea

    Use it in-or ON- anything that you would use regular white sugar or syrup.. with fewer calories; above else, it’s healthy. I heard about Yacon Syrup while listening to a video from a Dr. Kim Williams, who is past president of the American College of Cardiology, & chief cardiologist at Rush University. He mentioned that in his research, yacon syrup was the only sweetener that he found that doesnt have the negative effects of other sweeteners, and it’s good for you. So I did what we all do next… I searched Amazon for yacon syrup:) There are several brands, but I noticed the good reviews for Alovitox…ordered 1 jar, and since then, each time I order more ( about once a month), I order multiple jars each time. Yes, a little pricey, but considering it’s delicious taste and health benefits, for me, it’s worth it:) Try it in oatmeal, or on top of ‘Nice-cream’ ( mashed frozen bananas, mango, or any fruit)…. it adds a delicious sweet taste. DELICIOUS!

  423. Tanya Darling

    This is a good product, but it’s too expensive for me to buy on a regular basis.

  424. Tammo Heeren

    It has an awful after taste with coffee! I have no problem drinking my coffee with Splenda. I have read good things about “yacon syrup” in a health-related article, so I thought I should stop using Splenda (although I use just 2 packets a day), well, then I ordered this. My expectations were high because some of the reviews say there was no after taste. At first, I thought I should give it a second chance, but NOPE, it has a bitter/sour (yes, disgusting) after taste. Oh well, it ruined my coffee but I still have some hopes that I could use it differently. FYI, it tastes like burnt molasses.

    UPDATE *November 4th, 2019
    Their customer support is very good. I received an email with the e-cookbook so I can start looking at how I can use this product besides drinks.

  425. Amazon Customer

    Good product

  426. Amazon Customer

    Fantastic taste

  427. Rosie Jane

    I just love this syrup~ I was so happy to find it. I use it in my coffee as a healthy choice. Google all the benefits!

  428. Nebraskan

    I like the color and consistency — kind of like maple syrup — and the sweet flavor. And knowing it’s one of the healthiest sweeteners out there.

  429. Amazon Customer

    This taste a lot different than normal sweetness. More like molasses. But it is healthy and just will take some getting use to

  430. lisa

    the jar of sweetener came but did not receive the cook book that was supposed to come with it, very dissatisfied with the offer.

  431. C. Swank

    This stuff is actually pretty good. It is sweet, but has a different flavor than table sugar. I bought it to sweeten my coffee, and I could actually see myself switching to this. However, the jar is pretty small and it would be easier to use if it was granulated rather than a syrup.

  432. BB

    Love everything about this product. Price is a little high.

  433. Amazon Customer

    Of all the non-sugar sweeteners I have tried, Yacon Syrup is my favorite because it adds sweetness without any aftertaste. It is expensive, but a small jar lasts a long time.

  434. Raymond W. Geiser, Jr.

    I used this product in a recipe for Keto Pecan Pie muffins, I like that it tastes a lot like molasses. It really makes a difference in this recipe.

  435. Sharon B

    I purchased this syrup due to my Dr’s recommendation and he was right! I’ve never liked the taste of molasses that much but this syrup is just enough lighter in taste that it works perfectly in my Paleo baked goods. As another post says, everyone tastes things differently.

  436. Emma Ross

    This is my first time using yacon syrup, so I don’t have a sense of comparison, but it seems like a good product to me. And I think the price was good.

  437. Melissa

    Used in my coffee to replace sugar. It gave it a caramel flavor.

  438. MDCherie

    Love the taste, general presentation and the health benefits of the product! It’s mostly my in-laws who have been using it as an alternative to table sugar and ever since they started using this, they were hooked! They put it on coffee, juice, tea etc. Thanks!

  439. Wonder Woman

    Used this product for baking and a great keto option! I was looking for new options for my morning coffee besides sugar. Nice and sweet, I only needed one spoonful for my coffee in the morning. A tad expensive, but very tasty and super low cal option!

  440. Dana Licking

    I absolutely LOVE this product! I use it for baking in place of molasses. My diet of sugar restriction isn’t difficult when I have products like this. It is worth every penny. You will not be disappointed with this product.__

  441. Lance J. Loomis

    I love that this product tastes great but does not have a huge effect on my body’s blood glucose level. It is low glycemic and safe for me to use on pancakes and other drinks and desserts without worrying about my blood sugar crashing later.

  442. worksalot

    I received with the seal popped and they did not honor a return for a defective product. If I could I would give no stars! Very disappointed.

  443. Michael Khoury

    Great product

  444. M. Halpern

    Low calorie/low sugar. Great for anyone trying to reduce their sugar intake.

  445. Thykat2

    This is my second jar of this particular yacon syrup. I use it in numerous recipes and it is truly amazing. I have tried others, but this one is the BEST! It’s organic and very easy to use. I just used it for a keto Butterscotch Pudding, and it was a deal breaker in the recipe, it just made it perfect. Also, it’s a great prebiotic and wonderful substitute as a natural sweetener. Good for digestion, bone health, reducing insulin resistance and obesity, just to name a few.

  446. Real Person from the Real World

    Just wanted a sweetener for coffee. Palatable but very congealed. Must be refrigerated after opening making it even more congealed. Difficult to get it to mix with warm coffee. Sweetness is very mild, so you must use a lot to get a reasonable sweetness level, consequently very expensive to use. Comes in a jar, which means it must be spooned out, a bottle with a pour lid might work or not, depending on how congealed the syrup is… Not sure I got the ecookbook, probably looked like a spoof in junkmail.

  447. Johnny Depp’s Evil Brother

    It taste good, actually pretty sweet, I’ll use it. Not really much else I can say.

  448. Andre & Tammie

    I was so excited to try this, especially for the additional health benefits. The consistency is syrupy and it tastes kind of like caramel out of the jar – sweet and no aftertaste. This is why I was so surprised when it didn’t work for me. I tried the recommended serving size of 1 tsp to 1 tsp of coffee and…nothing. So I went into (what I expected would be) overdrive and added 1 TBS and…only minor improvement. In order to use the amount I would need to sweeten my coffee I would go through this jar in less than a week. I’m going back to Erythritol because it’s more cost-effective. Whah whah…

  449. David R. Hancock

    I love this product because it is a healthy alternative as a sweetener for cerial , cooking , coffee and other beverages.

  450. Ms. Sharon Green

    I had been searching for another company that makes the true yacon syrup like another that I use to get and the company seem to have gone out of business so I had to find another one. I can tell you that this is a true Yacon syrup. No imitation.. I have purchased several jars and I take it straight up from a spoon. It works for me with helping me to eat in smaller portions which helps with me releasing weight off of my body.. it really works and what I love more is that is a natural weight loss for me. love it!

  451. Gwyndyr

    Excellent flavor and so versatile. I use this in place of sugar in many dishes. It adds a very pleasant sweetness without spiking my blood sugar. I highly recommend it.

  452. BookshireCrone

    I am not a fan of honey or molasses. The flavor of Agave is fine, but I find I need too much of it to satisfy my sweet tooth. I did not like this product, it was not similar/did not taste like anything else to me though it does smell like dark molasses (to me). i thought to put it in my oatmeal , but it did not really have much of a sweetening effect that I could discern & I didn’t want to use more than a teaspoon to 1/4 cup oatmeal ratio. I dislike this enough to go to a 1/2 tsp of Manuka honey to flavor my oatmeal

  453. Ashley Polverelli

    I like the flavor

  454. SailsElan

    I have tried a couple of different brands of yacon syrup and this one is by far the best tasting. I also like that it comes in a wide mouth jar and it is packaged in a nice box for shipping. It is so delicious that I often only eat it by the spoonful. It is very low calorie and doesn’t cause a spike in blood sugar. If you are craving something sweet, just have a spoonful or two!

  455. Shafquat

    Runny but good flavor. Not too sweet.

  456. Dale H

    I’ve bought this product twice, and my experience varied considerably between the two jars. However, both jars provided natural sweetness without the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners. The contents of the first jar were light amber in color, lower viscosity so I could easily drizzle a tiny amount on food thus making the jar last longer, and tasted like sweet potatoes. It was delicious drizzled on walnuts. The contents of the second jar were medium brown in color, super-thick so it wasn’t as easy to distribute where I wanted it on my plate, and had a taste very slightly reminiscent of molasses. Besides being the healthier alternative, the contents of both jars tasted good and were preferable in taste over an artificial sweetener.

  457. Mary Manary

    Yacon Syrup is amazing! Shipping was quick, the taste is delicious. This is a game-changer!

  458. Lydia Deven

    I love the flavor of this yacon syrup. It’s better than most – vanilla, caramel and malty notes. Delicious in coffee, tea; on top of toast…. STRAIGHT! I especially like the wide-mouth jar so I can scrape all the goodness out. Thank you for providing a good value as well!

  459. dl

    Yuck. Terrible after taste. Hard to dissolve.

  460. D Davis

    Have used this for keto cinnamon rolls when whipped with butter and cinnamon. Worked very well!

  461. Amazon Customer

    Good flavor and easy to pour. Better than artificial sweeteners. I have tried other yacon root syrup and this one is kind of watery. However it makes it easy to pour and it doesn’t solidify like others.

  462. DiLynn Harmonson

    I have eliminated sugar from my diet and this product has been a great addition to other substitutes I have been using. I used it to make homemade catsup and it turned out great. I have used it in other recipes that call for molasses and am happy with the results. Will definitely buy again.

  463. Annie Duran

    It makes me sad to give bad reviews, but i have to be honest and say this does not taste good.
    the syrup is thick and doesn’t mix well with coffee

  464. Chicly

    I use Yacon syrup for pancakes, waffles, & walnut bread that I make.
    You only need a small amount on the plate to dip your pancakes in. It definitely looks like syrup. Great for people who cannot tolerate sugar. A little pricey for me, but it is the best syrup replacement I have found.

  465. Audra Marlow-Bragg

    I use this in my coffee and baking recipes. There is no aftertaste and it is just the right amount of sweetness.

  466. Karl Von Doeren

    Did not come with cookbook.

  467. J. Slack

    This is the first Yacon syrup we have tried, hoping to cut out the sugar in our family and reverse a trend towards diabetes. We were pleasantly surprised at the flavor; we can not stand the taste of other sugar replacements such as stevia and so were very happy that the yacon was actually tasty. The syrup seems less sweet than sugar to us, but still provides plenty of sweetness. Definitely recommend giving this a try!

  468. Charlotte Griffis

    I love the taste. I have tried other brands of Yacon syrup and like this one the best. I use it as a sugar substitute. It is especially good with sweet potato and pumpkin desserts around Halloween sndThanksgiving. It makes the desserts moist sweet.

  469. Eve


  470. Sharron Trimm

    It tastes very good

  471. Kindle Customer

    Tasted terrible

  472. Sonia

    I rarely write reviews, but this product is worth it . The syrup is absolutely delicious – like a fancy honey or maple syrup. I can’t believe it has so few calories. My partner is pre-diabetic, so we are always trying to find sweets she can enjoy that don’t cause her insulin levels to spike. We just received it, but so far, we’ve found that it’s divine in yogurt and works great as a substitute for maple syrup in cookies. I’m excited to keep experimenting.

  473. MissUnderstood

    It has a deep, rich molassessy flavor.

  474. D Howard

    The product itself is amazing including flavor, consistency, color and taste. I’d like to see the container as recyclable plastic.

  475. saly H

    Love the flavor just wish it was not expensive
    Very good syrup overall


    I use this Yakon syrup as my main sweetener whenever I’m following a Keto diet. It doesn’t raise my blood sugar much and it digests better than sugar alcohols (erythritol, monk fruit, etc.). It’s very versatile. I use it in my tea, yogurt, and in my baked foods. It’s a little expensive but it’s high quality and a jar lasts me a couple weeks so it’s a good value for me.

  477. M. Petzold

    I bought this yacon syrup after consulting the reviews for several different yacon syrup options. I was very pleased with this product. I’ve used it several times to make home made BBQ sauce. It’s a delicious low carb alternative to other molasses syrups. Would recommend and will purchase many times in the future.

  478. Amazon Customer

    I absolutely love the taste of Alovitox Yacon Syrup. Great alternative to sugar. Love the fact it has healthy benefits to using it such as aiding in digestion etc.

  479. Darlene Johnson-Lashley

    I have ordered this syrup 3 times because of the flavor and the fact that it is low glycemic. I use it instead of pancake syrup and in my coffee and tea. It is an excellent sweetener that is very versatile if you want to replace sugar. I will continue to buy this and recommend it to anyone wanting to get off the sugar wagon.

  480. Elpida

    Great product, delivery was on time and I couldn’t wait to try it. I was not disappointed, it was Delicious __
    I recommend this seller and this tasty, healthy sugar alternative.

  481. Beth Kenney

    Great-tasting product that’s good for you too! I put mine in coffee along with maple syrup! It’s very thick and rich and a little bit goes a long way!

  482. RE

    I like this a lot!! No bad aftertaste

  483. Debe Maxwell

    I’ve been using this as a substitute for sugar in my coffee every day for the last six months. I like the flavor and have actually lost a few pounds as a result of switching.

  484. Matthew Mclaughlin

    This has allowed me to add a depth of flavor without the carbs! I’ve used it in so many baked goods and have been super happy with the results. A little goes a long way! I would highly recommend!

  485. Taurean Mcdade

    Great product, taste is similar to brown sugar. Very mild, it does take a bit of it to really sweetner your coffee or tea up. But I like sweets alot, everyone else is different. Only negative is the COST, for such a small amount the cost needs to be much lower. Compete with Agave and raw honey but dont have Bentley prices

  486. John Svantner

    Yucon syrup is very sweet and a great substitute for maple syrup or jam. Very delicious. Better than agave.

  487. Lisa Marie

    Really something special.

    Since I decided to remove a lot of sugars from my life I wanted to find an alternative to maple syrup for vegan pancakes. This is totally perfect – the taste is wonderful and I don’t miss the maple syrup at all.

    To me, it tastes molasses-y, in the best way. I researched yacon syrup and have determined this is the best one to buy. This has been my second jar and I am very happy with it.

    This is not a cheap item, but it does last a long time as a little goes a long way. The flavor is very very nice.

    I genuinely love it and will continue to buy this. So good spread over blueberry pancakes or to dip apples in!

  488. J. Jackson

    I’ve found that this really helps when trying to get control of my fasting blood sugar. Gives me a sweet taste without the big swings in blood sugar levels. Actually seems to help lower my fasting blood sugar a bit the next morning.

  489. City Girl

    This is the first yacon syrup I’ve used and probably the last. It has a nice treacle syrup flavor with much milder sweetness which quite defeats the purpose. You have to use about 2 or 3x the amount as sugar syrup. I need about 2 tps for a small cup of coffee which would only provide me with 23 servings per small glass jar. That’s about 75 cents a small serving. Too expensive to warrant switching from artificial sweetener.

  490. Jane

    I rarely write reviews. But this stuff tasted so bad I wanted to warm others who may be looking for a more natural sugar substitute to beware. Bitter aftertaste (not as bad as stevia). Definitely not like molasses (which I do like) nor maple syrup (I heard this could be used as a substitute).
    Now I have a whole jar minus one taste sitting around. What a waste of close to $17! I am so disappointed!

  491. Homebodies

    I am on my third order of 4 jars for this product, I love the way it taste in my coffee every morning. Good value and great taste.

  492. Natasha A Polkiewicz

    did not get my dietitian approval. wasted money

  493. Darya Bodovec

    I like this Yacon syrup. I use it instead of sugar, of course, but also instead of maple syrup and honey. Its really tasty! Not very big jar, but quality is best of the best. Ordered already twice and will order more.

  494. purplefrog

    can say anything bad about it. can’t say anything positive either. Did not have a bad flavor. Didn’t mind it in coffee. But I did not think that it gave me a “full feeling”. I do believe that they are having an issue in Manufacturing. Two jars came that were not sealed. I did get my money back and the company was nice. But just be warned December 2019 there is something not right in the manufacturing Department I’m sure they will get it fixed. For those who absolutely love this stuff I guess it works for them just not for me.

  495. Brian L

    The flavor and quality is outstanding!

  496. Hengameh

    This is a great substitute for sugar. I love the taste and it’s thickness and most importantly it’s low calorie! I wish it was a bit cheaper so I could buy more frequently.

  497. Rena Olson

    I read about yacon syrup in Dr. Gregger’s book How Not To Diet and bought it for weight loss. It comes with an e-cookbook that has recipes. I like to slice fresh strawberries and mix in yacon syrup and balsamic vinegar. It makes a delicious, low calorie, low carb dessert in less than 5 minutes.

  498. Natalie Hill

    I’ve been using no or low calorie sweetener for years, to avoid feeding candida. I’ve used many types of stevia, erythritol, monk fruit and more. They all worked, but were never fully satisfying . . . until I tried Pure Yacon Syrup.

    To me, it’s like a blend of maple syrup and molasses. The flavor is so yummy – I’ve had it on gluten free toast, swirled in yogurt and drizzled in hot cereal.

    Finally, I get the taste of real sugar, without the bad effects of it.

    Of course, I wish it was less expensive, but it’s got to be worth it to me, cuz just bought 3 more bottles!!!

  499. Squirrel Nut Zipper

    I love this product for baking! It is a great replacement for honey or maple syrup and tastes amazing! It really keeps my blood sugar at bay, and there are endless tasty recipes I use it in.

  500. Danielle M

    I love the rich flavor and actually prefer to eat it straight from the spoon. I have noticed that I have less tummy issues since I have been eating a tsp every day..I have yet to try it on waffles which I am excited to but have just been lazy..its perfectly smooth and rich and its.not super runny or too thick. Great color. A quality product.

  501. Lisa Reano

    Amazing sweet taste in my coffee!

  502. Hillcountrymom

    I am diabetic and am allowed to eat this.

  503. Southern Peach


  504. Denise Roberts

    It tastes good to me. Kind of like a really strong honey flavor. Cost is kind of high though.

  505. Anna

    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! IT IS NOT YACON SYRUP. This is a scam. I know what yacon syrup looks like and tastes like and this is not it. You cannot return this product according to their return policy (I wonder why __) this is like Carmel syrup or something.

  506. Connie Tindell

    Item what is way too much money and does not taste good and it is not low-carb

  507. Chouette

    I ordered this product twice. In both cases, the little button on the top of the jar had popped up when I opened the package, indicating that the bottle was unsealed. Had to throw it out. I recommend that you don’t buy this brand.

  508. dhananjay patel

    Far better then Sugar & Stevia

  509. Ava Wise

    I first read about the research based benefits of yacon syrup in Dr. Greger’s “How not to Diet” book. I wasn’t as interested in the weight loss benefits as I was investing in this sugar alternative that wouldn’t peak my hunger.
    I know this is a basic thing to say, but I’m really happy with the product.
    The sourcing of it, the low calorie content, the caramel/molasses taste, and the versatility of it, all conspire to make a great product.
    The only thing I will say against it, and of course this is my own preference of taste, is that I think it works better in some things than others. For example, I used it as a substitute for Stevia in my coffee. After a few days of that, I went back to the Stevia, as I preferred that. But in my overnight oats, it’s been a wonderful replacement for my agave nectar. I’ve also used it to saute apples and pineapple (with a touch of ceylon cinammon, vanilla extract, and cardamom), and the Yacon syrup compliments the ingredients nicely. The outcome was amazing.
    I’m looking forward to trying it in muffins and other desserts.
    Highly recommend!

  510. Leta

    Not a fan of the flavor. Almost like stale honey mixed with not so sweet brown sugar.

  511. Paula M.

    Have been on keto diet for 18 months. Great taste. Will definitely purchase again.

  512. CV

    This has a very bad taste. its the 4th type of syrup that I have tried, only one was good but it doubled in price. this has a nasty after taste and I never received the book.

  513. LTC

    Great product, excellent taste. A bit added to recipes (with other sugar substittues ) mimics brown sugar / molassas taste. Added 1 Tbs to the bottle of my sugar free maple syrup and greatly improved the taste/depth of flavor of that. Pricy but a little goes a long way and makes a noticeable difference in my low carb dishes.

  514. Tank83

    Low carbs best friend. I’ve been doing a lazy keto / low carb lifestyle for almost two years. A friend recommended the Yacon syrup for some gingerbread cookies I was trying to convert to low carb. This product is excellent! I love the taste, its very versatile I can even add it to my coffee for added wetness and no weird after taste. I used it baking and even in frozen treats and never had a problem. You wont be sorry you tried it.

  515. Michael K.

    Very versatile addition to my pantry. Adds a unique rich flavor & such a great healthy alternative to other syrups on the market!

  516. Irenea

    After reading reviews from a few people about yacon syrup, I decided to buy this brand. It is sweet with a malt taste to it as another reviewer had mentioned and I like the way it tastes in my cup of hot elderberry tea. It would be nice if there was a larger size which might also be a bit less expensive proportionately speaking seeing as larger containers usually cost less. Otherwise I was very happy with this and will buy it again.

  517. K. P.

    Alovitox Organic Premium Yacon Syrup allowed me to enjoy the taste of a rich syrup once again. It is truly delicious! The only two downsides are that I personally can only consume a teaspoon at a time without getting a small spike in my blood glucose and the product is unfortunately very high priced. But I plan to still enjoy it, even if in small amounts.

  518. Mortie

    I would use this product again. If you tried to use yacon syrup from a plastic container you will understand that the glass jar is important. Sometimes the syrup is to thick and need to soften it in the microwave. Much earlier to handle out of the glass jar. I like to store food items in glass containers and one less plastic item in this world.

  519. Raya

    Yum! Tastes delicious, melts in coffee, and only 7cal a tsp!

  520. Cheryl garland

    I ordered this because of all the good reviews. The bottle is tiny and not worth the money. It tastes horrible. Don’t waste your money.

  521. NanO

    A bit expensive but tastes great, is organic and safe. Fits my needs on rare occasions I require a sweetener.

  522. George K.

    I love the taste! Very natural and no aftertaste for me. Yacon in general is on the expensive side, so I’m careful with the usage.


    Weird flavor

  524. Michael LeBlanc

    Loved the description of this sweetener and loved how it was made and what not, but definitely not a versatile sweetener in my opinion. Tried it in a few different things.. even though it would be great in my cuban coffee but unfortunately not. What it was really good on was ice cream but since I don’t eat much of it, I couldn’t see buying it again. If you’re into an earthier, light molasses kind of sweetener then this may be just the ticket for you though!

  525. QuixoticOther

    Maybe it’s just my own fault for not investigating more fully… Rather pricey for a small jar. Messy once opened. Wish I hadn’t ordered it.

  526. Chris Bartley

    this syrup is amazing, I used it in banana bread & persimmon bread and it came out delicious. Made almond milk and it sweetened it amazing. Delicious in coffee & tea too. I would definitely recommend this product.

  527. Tracy

    Looking for a sweet substitute that is decent. This is not it

  528. Theresa Snyder

    Tastes like molasses.

  529. cansel

    I love this stuff! It doesn’t seem to spike my blood sugars, it has a great taste, and it is easy to work with.

  530. Lawrence

    Not very sweet but has nice taste. You need a whopping tbsp to Sweet and one cup of coffee. That makes for a very expensive cup of coffee.

  531. Amazon Customer

    I love this product. I got for the low glycemic index because sugar is not my friend. The taste and ease of use with no additives makes this my new go to natural sweetener!

  532. Stevewk

    Yacon syrup has a carmel-y / brown sugar-like flavor which goes well with such teas as oolong & mate,
    as well as on some french toast (so far).
    I’m looking forward to putting it into my coffee, on pancakes, among other such uses now!
    Glad I decided to purchase it!

  533. Amazon Customer

    This is the first time I ordered this product online and I am very happy with quality of the syrup It is smooth and easy to use and has a wonderful flavor!!! I especially love baking with it. I ordered 2 bottle and only received 1 in the box. I called customer service and they immediately shipped me my other box, no questions asked. I will definitely be ordering it again. I am very happy with my purchase!

  534. mepin

    Only purchase this if you are willing to fart all day long and have uncomfortable gas and bloating. Seriously. Not a win. I tried it for 3 days, wondering if the gas was just from something else. Nope, it was this stuff. I threw the whole thing in the trash. NOPE! There’s a reason no one really knows about this stuff. Not worth a penny!

  535. .

    Great tasting and low in sugar grams if you are trying to stay healthy. I drizzle in oatmeal, plain yogurt for breakfast. I plan to experiment using with other dishes.

  536. LadyLuck

    This is a great product! Use it to replace sugar in you diet. Great on oatmeal!

  537. Diane

    I bought this as an alternative to the Trivia and agave syrup I’ve been buying – both of which still spike my blood sugar – it is delicious in my coffee – I haven’t used it in much else – a bit on waffles which was also delicious – I can’t wait to cook with it – I believe I found my new sweetener

  538. Cynthia S.

    Taste was good

  539. Suzy

    I have been looking for an alternative for honey and just in general things that are sweet and still healthy. I dislike the after taste of Stevia. Yacon Syrup is the best answer to my quest. Not only it’s sweet, natural in its taste, I love its unique fragrance. Highly recommend it.

  540. Steve W

    I had previously tried the yacon syrup from Gold Source Labs and liked it, but decided to try this brand due to its wide mouth glass jar. This one isn’t nearly as sweet as the Gold Source, and it has a strong tangy flavor that takes away from what little sweetness it has. From now on, I will stick with Gold Source and hope that they will begin using a more open container instead of the narrow opening bottle that they have now.

    As a frame of reference, I bought this to use in my morning coffee, and I tend to like coffee very sweet. Prior to trying yacon syrup, I used liquid Splenda mixed with Stevia, four drops of each (so very sweet).

  541. Hobey

    Liked the taste better than other sweeteners so far.

  542. MJS

    I use the yacon syrup in baking and love the gentle sweetness it adds to my baked goods.

  543. premiertaxman

    As a substitute for maple syrup, honey, etc.

  544. Shawn H.

    Not sure about other folks but this particular substance caused horrible gas for me so I had to stop using it. Otherwise, it tasted great.

  545. deejayhay

    I really like this product. It’s great to have a natural sweetener that cuts calories down to less that half regular sugar. Only problem is the cost. One tsp per day for 45 days costs $.35 each. That’s pretty steep. I look forward to the price coming down as the production increases and as more buyers discover this product.

  546. Kathy

    My husband and I have been following a keto diet in order to burn fat and loose a few pounds. At the holidays I wanted to make some desserts and noticed Yacon syrup in some the recipes, like chocolate pecan pie bars. Yacon is an organic natural sweetener that is very low in carbs and sugars that substitutes well in baked and unbaked recipes.

  547. Mantra

    Love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love this product!!!!
    I’m so glad this health, body, mind and spirit conscious mantra found you.
    You are a100% sweet soul yacon!

  548. Tim

    I love to use a variety of natural sweeteners. I use them together or try different recipes with different sweeteners. It’s always rewarding to find another natural sweetener that does not promote a spike in blood sugar levels. Will definitely use again.

  549. UntouchableShe

    I really enjoyed this yacon syrup. I wasn’t able to put it with many dishes so I ended up not buying another jar, however it was so delicious that I would eat it by the spoonful, which is fine considering its benefits.

  550. kellyjo

    I love the Yacon Syrup. Since eating the plant paradox lifestyle, this syrup is so versatile and compliant! My next experiment will be making almond brittle with the yacon syrup! It’s pricey but worth the cost. You only need a little to go a long ways!

  551. Amazon Customer

    Love this natural sweetener – tastes like a cross between dark maple syrup, agave, and molasses. It is versatile and mild when used in cooking, just the sweetness is expressed, without a whole lot of identifiable flavour.

  552. Megan V.

    I tried this product 2 times in a row, because I did like the results, but I am not going to purchase it again due to the fact that the bottle states there are 47 – 1 teaspoon servings and I only got 32 servings. I purchase the second bottle so I could be very careful measuring, got about the same amount of servings 32-33. I used a teaspoon and cleaned it before each use. Even if I measured inaccurately some, there is no accounting for a difference of 15 servings/teaspoons. I will look for this product through another seller to see if I can get what I pay for.

  553. Taekwondo

    Nasty! Don’t waste your money.

  554. Chris L.

    Love this and have it on subscribe and save delivered monthly. At room temp it’s a bit thinner than molasses with a very similar taste. I’m on a low carb diet and I use this to replace honey over Greek yogurt, as a topping for baked brie, and in sauces. I haven’t made a brbecue sauce with it but the next time I want barbecue I will. Is more expensive than some other sweeteners but it really is one of a kind and is not replaceable with anything else that I have found. A satisfying keto or low carb diet really requires several sweeteners for different uses and this is a must have. I haven’t done the research to say for sure, but I would guess that it has a lot of other nutritional value aside from the lack of carb/insulin impact, such as vitamins etc, similar to molasses and other sweeteners that aren’t overprocessed like table sugar.

  555. Julie Friddle

    Was surprised of all the health benefits that come with Yacon Syup! Improves immunte system function (we all need that) and helps to lower blood sugar levels. Perfec for those of us who watch our sugar! I follow a clean way of eating, and this was perfect for adding to holiday baking! Added a flavor you can’t normally find in a lower Glycemic Index option. Would purchase again!

  556. Amazon Customer

    I would like it to come in a bigger size

  557. Beth Mednick

    This tasted terrible!

  558. SidestreetBooks

    I read Dr. Greger’s book called How Not to Diet and in his book about not dieting, he mentioned Yacon syrup as a way to lose weight without even trying.

    I admit I have not used the Yacon syrup very often because I don’t add sugar to my foods; however, I do add the Yacon syrup to my morning oatmeal along with a lot of cinnamon and a cup of blueberries. I take a 1/2 c of uncooked old-fashioned rolled oats, throw in a cup of frozen blueberries, slice up a banana, and eyeball the amount of water. I put the bowl into the microwave and set it for 3:30 or 4:00 minutes (I think my microwave is weak). After it comes out, I douse the top with organic cinnamon and swirl in one teaspoon of Yacon syrup. I stir the whole mess together and yum–it tastes like warm banana bread.

    I do not use milk/cream/any dairy or non-dairy in my oatmeal because Dr. Greger has stated that dairy interferes with the antioxidants of the blueberries. Dairy also interferes with antioxidants from coffee and tea, too.

    This Yakon syrup tastes great and adds just the right amount of sweetness to my bowl of oatmeal.

  559. Michael R.

    This is a delicious low glycolic index sweetener. Obviously the supplier has taken our health into consideration by proving a quality syrup in a glass bottle. So many people are being tested positive for plastic particles in their bodies as a result of plastics leaching from plastic containers.
    Overall great quality, excellent taste and packing/delivery is perfect. Will keep ordering from this Company.

  560. BlessedNana

    Enjoyed using this product while changing my eating plan for better health.

  561. Thomas H. Smith III

    All I can say is I LOVE IT. Thinking of ordering by the case.

  562. Helen Gasson

    Great product

  563. Kodi_Nikaa

    I like the taste but it’s too expensive, you can barely make 20 teaspoons out of it. One level teaspoon of yacon syrup is 2 grams of sugar and it is half as sweet as honey. So here’s the perfect alternative solution: get yourself some organic honey and only use half a teaspoon aka 2.5 grams of sugar. You will get about the same low sugar intake with the same sweetness for a fraction of the price. And if you want to prevent blood sugar spike, take it with psyllium husk capsules, the fiber will lower the blood sugar.

  564. Doreen M Legere

    Great product

  565. Foxy’s Mom

    The product is a good sugar substitute and versatile but too expensive. One jar barely makes a recipe of muffins.

  566. Builder Broad

    Replace sugar in coffee, tea, oatmeal, baking. Sweetness without artificial ingredients, low calories, high inulin.

  567. Robert L Olsen

    When my nutritionist recommended it, I was skeptical. But it’s been a great addition to my morning yogurt!

  568. dianepenn

    smaller jar than expected but excellent product

  569. RP

    I like it! I use it to make low carb almond flour bread. The yacon syrup enhances the taste and texture beautifully, without negatively impacting blood glucose levels.

  570. Molly Larson

    Dissolves quickly in coffee. Versatile.

  571. John Wylie, CHt.

    This syrup tastes fine. The problem is its not very sweet and even a small amount causes EXTREME digestive distress – gas, bloating, etc. In my opinion, this is not going to be a practical sweetener.

    To be fair, I only tried it in coffee. I don’t know if it will perform better in cooking or baking. Nevertheless, I won’t buy it again. I’ll stick with my stevia/erythritol blend.

  572. Mom of 3

    Yummy. I use this in my morning oatmeal and in smoothies. Buying my second container now. Bought this based on previous reviews. It definitely has a malty flavor which I like.

  573. ruthie

    low glycemic sweetening.

  574. S C

    I love this product! it is a bit thinner than other yacon syrups I’ve bought, but much easier to use and tastes yummy. I love it in tea, and I’ve used it on hot cereal, instead of sugar or maple syrup. Definitely will purchase again.

  575. Mrs. Kolo

    For a much healthier alternative, my family enjoys yacon to refined processed syrup.

  576. Alex Legrande

    This product is delicious and so healthy for you too!

  577. Susan D.

    Tasty honey/sugar replacement – this is the first one I’ve tried so I can’t compare its flavor to other brands, but this tastes very nice. Its flavor is reminiscent of molasses but when used in tea the flavor doesn’t come through. It is expensive, so I don’t know if I’ll continue using it – I was planning to replace my honey (for tea) with this, but it is pretty pricey for a small jar. Since I don’t have high blood sugar I’ll probably stick to my one teaspoon of honey per day habit. But if I had diabetes it would be well worth it to have a sweetener I could use occasionally.

  578. Lisa Johnson

    I’ve tried so many keto chocolate chip cookies and I was always disappointed by the cooling effect from the sugar replacement. One tablespoon of Yacon syrup cancels that effect out and makes my cookies “warm” again!

  579. Jeffrey Cece

    Absolutely a game changer. I used this primarily as a treat and for baking; my favorite was mixing it with dark chocolate and unsweetened organic coconut, the yacon syrup when chilled has the consistency and flavor of caramel! It was also delicious in coffee and over ice cream. Love it!

  580. RUBY RED


  581. Amazon Customer

    I was looking for a low calorie substitute for my coffee. Well, this is not it.
    I did read the reviews about it tasting like molasses/ginger and chose to buy it anyway since I like those flavors. I had to add more than I wanted to change my coffee taste and once I did it wasn’t good, especially for the price.

  582. Amazon Customer

    I used this product in keto recipes that call for artificial sweeteners or other “natural” sweetners. I have bad reactions to all of them, this is the first natural product I have used and had no physical reaction. I love it!!! I will be ordering again, and again, and again……!

  583. Janet R

    I had been searching for a good tasting sugar substitute and after several products I discovered this. I needed to level out my sugars and the doctor had given me some suggestions, because I need that sweetness in my morning coffee, I tried monk fruit and erythritol. I can’t have Stevia. I thought I would never find anything. I did a bunch of research and decided to try Yacon. I bought the 2 pack and glad i did. Very similar to molasses. adds a pleasant almost nuttiness to my coffee. No aftertaste and abdominal upset like the others. I have already gotten others to try it and they liked it. Try it, you won’t regret it. As a bonus, comes with a bonus cookbook!

  584. Aileen Thomas

    This very high-quality product — responsibly sourced, organic, nearly zero glycemic, and as close to raw as you can get. It is similar to blackstrap molasses in that it is a “savory” sweetener. However, the cost for such a small quantity is an issue for me. One recipe used nearly a whole 8-oz. jar. With a close substitute like molasses (in terms of taste), which is much more cost-effective, it makes it hard to take a second look at this very good product. I may use it for special recipes. If it were less expensive, I would use it in all of my recipes that require a savory sweetener, so if the cost isn’t an issue for you, use it!

  585. Nicole

    This syrup has a really nice taste without the negative health that sugar brings. I have very sensitive teeth to sweets but this didn’t bother me at all. It was also way easier to manage than other brands I purchased before that hardened.

  586. Fres44

    Awesome taste!
    Great product for coffee, tea , Toast or really anything that you would normally put honey or syrup on. The glass jar is great because it seals tightly and keep the yacon Syrup fresh and tasting great. I will definitely stick with this brand for life!

  587. Pat

    I like the taste of this. It doesn’t leave an aftertaste

  588. Jamila Brown

    I have been using alternative sweeteners such as stevia, monkfruit, and coconut sugar to help me lose weight and the yacon syrup is the closest to sugar. I don’t like using stevia because it always leaves an aftertaste in my drinks, muffins, cakes. Everything I mix it in it always leave an aftertaste and hate that. The yacon syrup has a malty, chocolate flavor that doesn’t mess up the flavor when I’m baking or using it in drinks. I’ll keep using it for a few months to see if it helps in weight loss.

  589. kelly smith

    The consistency of this product is perfect for almost anything – pancakes, sauces, mixes with beverages easily. The taste is sweet but not too sweet with a depth to the flavor,

  590. njoy

    Yacon syrup is a good natural substitute for honey and maple syrup. I drizzle it on bananas and yoghurt and they taste great. I love it because it has a low GI index, pre-biotic and high in fiber with no after taste. The product was well packaged and arrived on time. Overall I am very satisfied with it.

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