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Organic Raw Cacao Nibs

(200 customer reviews)

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Our suger-free and nutritionally dense Organic Cocoa Nibs are cultivated from the world-renowned Criollo Cacao bean. Packed with good fats and fibers, they’re the prefect mood-boosting Ketogenic snack.


Organic Cocoa Nibs benefits may include:

  • Improved cellular health and protection from free radicals
  • Serotonin release to improve your mood and lift your spirits
  • Anti-inflammatory antioxidants to protect your heart and overall cardiovascular system
  • MAO to naturally suppress your appetite and potentially aid with weight loss
  • Reduction of cortisol to help burn belly fat
  • Flavonoids to enhance your brain and cognitive functions
cacao nibs 300x300px
Organic Raw Cacao Nibs

Organic Raw Cacao Nibs

Enjoy sweet rich cacao without the additional sugar and the calories. Criollo cacao nibs provide a decadent snack, featuring the sweetener yacon syrup, found high in the Peruvian Mountains. This sweetener provides a sweet taste with a slight amount of calories.

The Facts

Guaranteed freshness.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information click here.

cacao nibs

Suggested Use

Although cocoa nibs have a deep dark chocolate profile, their raw form also has a slightly bitter taste. Enjoy them straight from the bag, use in place of chocolate chips in baked goods or add a handful to smoothies, shakes or trail mix for a delicious boost of chocolate flavor.

Why You Will Love It

Harvested from Peruvian organic farms, this King of Cacao boasts one of the best all-natural chocolate flavor profiles in the world. These raw beans are harvested and minimally processed to preserve the essential nutrients they contain such as fiber, antioxidants, magnesium, and potassium.

alovitox cacao nibs 1oz
Organic Raw Cacao Nibs
cacao nibs 300x300px
Organic Raw Cacao Nibs

Organic Raw Cacao Nibs


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200 reviews for Organic Raw Cacao Nibs

  1. TexasTraveler

    I love cacao, but the bitter taste always required sugar, something which I am not fond of. These zero sugar cacao nibs are are the perfect solution! Just need to stick to the serving size!

  2. Amazon Customer

    perfect amount of coco goodness!!

  3. Keith

    Great product, great taste and great nutritional content.

  4. SS

    This blends perfectly with my morning granola while adding taste & nutrition. A+

  5. Mike

    These are delicious! Much better than the other brands I’ve bought in the past. Not bitter, not dried out, great taste! Will be back for more!

  6. DAA

    The nibs seem fine and OK enough. Flavorwise, it does not have the true chocolate character. I will need to choose the right recipe to bring out what flavor is available. It is OK enough; don’t think I will buy them again though.

  7. Laurellth

    Once the sweet additive is gone you are left with these rubbery “nubs” that have extremely little flavor and just sit there, they do not melt as I had hoped and again, JUST SIT THERE!!!.

  8. N. Baker

    This is a great product! It tastes great either in yogurt or other things or eating it by itself as a snack. Even my kids love it! I don’t know if it is really good for my health but at least it can’t be as bad as potato chips or other processed foods. I will be ordering more of this as the package is already almost gone!

  9. Beatles Fan

    These are awesome! They’re like nerds candy but chocolatey goodness and somehow a superfood! I’ve tried a few different brands, but I like the Alovitox ones the best so far. They don’t have a coating on them that some other brands seemed to have. I’m trying to cut down my sugar intake and a small handful of these satisfy my sweet tooth.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Loving Taste!

    These nibs are unique,delicious and easy to eat. It is amazing to find a cacao nibs sweetened with natural sweetener and zero sugar in the market. Thank you Alovitox!

    I can chew them easier than some other brands. I just munch on them right out of the bag.

    Also I’ve been adding it to smoothies, muffins, oatmeal bars, no bake oatmeal cookies, etc.

  11. flora

    Love it Perfect to add to a smoothie

  12. Amazon Customer

    Perfect as snack or in smoothies. These are soooo yum! Great price too. Exactly what I wanted. These cacao nibs is so healthy since sweetened with a great natural sweetener and even zero sugar an low calories. Dangerously, addictive, small, sweet pieces of cacao nibs :))

  13. Shawn Higginbotham

    These cacao nibs are amazingly tasty and not bitter in the least. I’ve enjoyed them in yogurt, low carb granola, and right out of the pouch. Will buy again!

  14. Adrienne Piron

    Did anyone else see the warning of child birth defects on the bag??

  15. Veronica M. Cruz

    these are amazing! They satisfy any sweet craving I have but yet they’re good for me!!! Love them!

  16. Amazon Customer

    I used to buy unsweetened Cacao nibs because I didn’t want any honey or sugar marring the health benefits of Cacao, but this is the perfect balance. Not so sweet you might as well eat breakfast cereal but sweet enough to complement the bitterness of Cacao.

  17. Amazon Customer

    The quality, texture, and taste of this product is 100% on point. I follow Keto and this product fits in perfectly to my way of eating. These Cacao nibs will certainly be on my frequent purchase list!

  18. Amazon Customer

    This is my go to snack! I mix them with almonds and coconut flakes and it taste just like an almond joy 🙂

  19. A. Hart

    Product tastes great and seller was very responsive when I requested further nutrition information.

  20. darrel

    These are the best!! I eat several handfuls every day.

  21. Kaveh Keihanizadeh

    Great product; geat packaging and delicious unique chocolate. I intend to make more purchases.

  22. LNB

    Very tasty. Just a few tsps of these and I can stave of my chocolate cravings all day. Fast shipping and excellent customer service. Delicious, will buy again’

  23. Pat May

    Yummy product, just as describer. Great Seller; swift shipment. Thanks!

  24. Abbot of Bears

    Very tasty, like crunchy chocolate chips, but more natural.

  25. Julie Edge

    Amazing flavor, without the baggage of traditional sugar. My new go-to cacao nibs for homemade trail mix.

  26. Anna Kelly

    Definitely more bitter than I expected, and the sweetener is a little odd tasting, but they have grown on me. Pretty good.

  27. Tami Marie

    It somewhat satisfies the chocolate cravings, but leaves a gritty residue in the mouth.

  28. NS

    Delicious and healthy, what a treat.

  29. ellen

    I love putting these in my yogurt – I don’t like eating them just by themselves but love the low carbs.

  30. Michelle

    so good, i could eat the whole bag! perfect for keto diet, can still get a chocilate fix but skip the carbs

  31. Brown Eyes1121

    I love these Cacao Nibs…great in my no sugar added yogurt and in my oatmeal! I would definitely purchase again!____

  32. Amazon Customer

    Love this product. So delicious

  33. Brian M Wack

    Amazingly sweet, without any sugar! Food confession: I did eat several spoonfuls straight outta the bag!__

  34. CM Ohio

    We add these to our Yonanas ice cream….yum!

  35. toofun77

    I combine the sweetened cacao nibs with roasted and salted macadamia nuts. The combination of salty and sweet is absolutely delicious.

  36. KE

    These + coconut flakes (0 net carbs) + local honey + fresh blueberry’s + yougurt

  37. Edna LeBarron


  38. beetreaux

    Very tasty! Good way to get your chocolate fix. Love them on yogurt!

  39. Kmillares

    Loved them

  40. S. A. Reynolds

    These are wonderful if you are on keto and want to avoid sugary chocolate treats. I think you might have to get used to them, though if you have never eaten plain cacao nips before. I will order the 2 pack the next time. Thanks!

  41. Cubbykoo

    bad tasting to me……….sorry

  42. Jackie N

    Decent chocolate. Not too bitter, but not eating a big bite at a time either. Should last a while since 1 tsp is a serving. I need to read the recipes they emailed me to find more uses for these.

  43. Karen Kosmatin

    I bought these for my mother as a nice snack and she was not impressed at all. I would have returned them but I guess she fed them to the garbage can before I got some back to return them.

  44. Mari

    These are very good, they a need a little sweetening and they did it naturally and they are tasty, thank you!

  45. Jordan Marinov

    I add these to few keto desert recipes for the boost of flavor. I also like to mix a tablespoon with raw almonds as a snack.

  46. Waleed

    New to keto and wanted something to include in fat bombs and pancakes. These are a subtle sweet. Slight bitterness. Kind of like dark chocolate, but I enjoy them. They do not melt and keep a slight crunch.

  47. Amazon Customer

    I usually don’t write reviews, but, these are DELICIOUS..! My husband and I started the keto way of eating a couple of months ago and these are perfect to add to anything that you would add chocolate to. I love to just eat with some nuts like trail mix. I WILL be ordering more..

  48. Wendy johanna sponsler

    No llego el libro prometido

  49. Amazon Customer

    Love these in my greek yogurt. Will definitely be purchasing again. Very tasty!!

  50. Ian A

    I bought these cacao nibs to use as a chocolate substitute while on a keto-based diet. These have some flavor similarities to chocolate but is a bit harder and chewier with a little bitterness. Despite this, I found that they are great when added to trail mixes, whipped cream, ice cream or even by themselves as they are sweetened. Importantly, it does help to curb chocolate cravings! Definitely worth trying.

  51. Amyckai

    These are great , perfect for keto
    In smoothie or a few to kill the cravings

  52. CJ

    Literally JUST got it and it was melted to one big glob and I monitored the mail all day to make sure I got it soon as it arrived.

  53. Babes50

    Great little chocolate snack. Not too sweet. Really satisfies my chocolate cravings without blood glucose spike.

  54. Suz

    I love these delicious little morsels!

  55. LM

    Better than I thought they would be $

  56. Lanette C.

    Tasted good the last time we bought this time very woody tasting.

  57. pam d

    Absolut perfection! A little crunchy, a little bitter, and a little sweet. And zero sugars!!! I think I’ll start buying them by the box! I am super picky and cannot stand anything with artificial or natural sweeteners (I’ve tried them all!!!), they always leave a strong after taste for me…but these cacao nibs are just insanely delicious and guilt free!

  58. robin

    Very yummy when you need a low carb snack

  59. Noemy Santos

    It tastes very bitter.

  60. denise

    Did not receive a cookbook

  61. jmd1993

    These are very tasty! They came quickly. They’re very lightly sweetened with yacon syrup. I’ve been looking for some cocoa nibs to use to make keto treats & these fit the bill perfectly for me. I will order again.

  62. MelaninExoticaPiscesGoddess

    This product tastes so bad and bitter leaves awful taste in your mouth. Next can not return keep your money and do not even waste on this product. Finally why is Proposition warning on a so called natural organic product. Very disappointed and misleading at the same time. Never again will I order this product or anything with a no return policy ..

  63. feather

    this review is for the mulberries, I love them. they are slightly sweet which is perfect. they are great for eating right out of the bag. good, good, good.

  64. Foggy

    Only a tree hugger would like this stuff

  65. Denise A.

    Just enough sweetness

  66. Suzanne V. Carey

    Love these cacao nibs really nice quality and price. I use them to top things off when I want a healthy treat. I’m a real fan.

  67. Amazon Customer

    If you place this order thinking it’s a replacement for chocolate chips, you’re in for a rude awakening. Maybe I misread something, but I thought this was supposed to be a healthy substitute for chocolate chips. It tasted bitter, and I had to spit it out immediately. Maybe if they are blended in with something else it would help, but I tried them out of the bag to see, and it was brutal. I don’t usually write reviews for products I didn’t care for, but this was so far from what I expected, I wanted to make sure somebody else didn’t buy this thinking they were getting something resembling chocolate.

  68. Amazon Customer

    Tastes just awful. Had to throw the whole bag out.

  69. Amazon Customer

    Great item for people on keto. Has a sweetness from the nib and the syrup that isnt overpowering. As people have mentioned there is some bitterness to it but it really depends on the individual and their bitterness tolerance. For myself, it wasn’t anything stronger than a black cup of coffee.

  70. Tennessee Dreams

    I have tried several brands of cacao nibs on Amazon. This brand is my best choice to date. I shall try other brands out of curiosity (so many choices on Amazon). But for now this is my #1

  71. Shama Bole

    I sprinkle these on a variety of things, for a pretty satisfying crunch and chocolate taste. Shall buy again.

  72. Michael

    These Cacao Nibs were delicious!! Would buy again for sure. Great little snack

  73. lauralaura

    Good simple cao cao. Blends well.

  74. Maria

    Good good

  75. Amy Ward


  76. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely gross

  77. Jose Lorza

    Absolutely delicious. They exceeded all expectations.

  78. Darlyn&Ozzy

    You know that taste when you leave a pill on your tongue too long? Yeah, This is it.

  79. Mrs.58

    These cocoa chips do not taste anything like chocolate flavored chips, in fact they are quite bitter as if no sweetener has been used in manufacturing them. I had to give them one star in order to leave a review but I suggest you try Lily’s No Sugar chips if you ant to bake with chocolate chips. I purchased these thinking it was a good deal, instead it was a complete waste of $12.

  80. Jayme Wolk

    Great taste. Great for ice cream topping. Salads. Sweets. Great taste just aliitle hard. Be careful soften in microwave. I buy this product a lot.

  81. Laurzshop

    Fabulous! Fantastic! Incredible! Perfect!!!

  82. julie

    OMG these are scrumptious!
    I am never buying any other brand again.


    Couldn’t love this product more. Excellent in yogurt and other treats. Love the fact that there zero sugar in it.

  84. Man in the Middle

    Being both a chocoholic and a relatively-long-term (almost one year) Keto dieter, I’ve long been on the lookout for anything with chocolate in it that is still OK on a Keto diet. This is the first thing I’ve found that actually tastes good all by itself and doesn’t ruin my daily Keto breath test score with excess carbs. I’ve tried cacao nibs before, first a Trader Joe’s product that coated them with 65% chocolate (yummy, but too many carbs), and then a 100% cacao product that tasted just like 100% baking chocolate, as in only tolerable combined with other food. Next, I tried a 100% cacao powder that had the same problem – OK sprinkling a bit on grain-free granola, but otherwise too bitter.

    This product, on the other hand, is easily enjoyed direct from the bag, thanks to the yacon syrup. Very tasty, but not so sweet that I want to overindulge. 35C per 5g serving is 210C for a more typical 30g serving, which also raises its 1g of carbs to 5g – still entirely acceptable on even a 20g of carbs Keto diet, though obviously easier on the 50g of carbs I now aim for daily to maintain my new lower weight.

    I’ve already re-ordered, and expect to buy this regularly from now on. Recommended.

  85. MDeleon

    These things taste awful! I think it is the Yacon syrup. I wanted them to be good because I was craving chocolate while doing Keto but this was not the solution. The book with recipes was a great feature but the product tasted toxic.

  86. Lorana Rush

    These are addictive! They are very lightly sweetened with Yakon syrup which adds no carbs…GREAT for a KETO indulgent treat! I will absolutely buy these again.

  87. TeaWithSu

    Tablespoon hits the spot. Tastes great. Kills my chocolate craving.

  88. Lisa Gaigals

    Generally I like these. They’re good to mix with nuts and if you’re doing keto like me your dark berries. It satisfies that need for chocolate

  89. Courtney Flinn

    These taste really good, they are best baked into cookies or a muffin. My kids seem to enjoy them and they are pretty picky kids!

  90. Jill McIntire

    Yacon Syrup is a well-tolerated natural sweetener that goes great on these cacao nibs! I use them on granola, in yogurt, in homemade ice cream and just straight out of the bag. It’s so hard to find sugar free chocolate that isn’t sweetened with sugar alcohols, and this is one of my favorites. These aren’t like chocolate chips, they don’t melt in your mouth, they are nibs, which are ground up dried cacao beans and they crunch. They are naturally a little bitter, so the yacon syrup gives it a good balance without making them really sweet.

  91. Michelle Passmore

    I love the taste of this product. The nibs are not too sweet nor are they too bitter. I bought these to try mixed in with my granola for fruit and yogurt, let me just say mmmmmmhmmmmm. So Good!

  92. Destiny

    These yacon sweetened cacao nibs are such a great addition to my overnight oats. They add a chocolaty taste that makes me forget how good they are for you. A healthy substitution for chocolate chips. Would definitely recommend.

  93. V. Guerra

    Unusual taste but completely addictive!

  94. Timothy K. Hamm

    Great dessert without any added sugar.

  95. Justin Lowe

    Created a reorder button just for this product. Great for those of us following Keto for chocolate cravings.

  96. busymom1966

    I love these cacao nibs, they have an amazing flavor with just a bit of sweetness. I highly recommend these to family and friends. This is by far the best Cacao Nibs I have had!

  97. schmarm

    I am trying Keto, and these really helped me get my sweet fix! I love them!

  98. Amazon Customer

    I’ve tried a few different brands of organic cacao nips over the years and, while pretty expensive, Alovitox’s cacao nibs have the best texture and taste out of all of them. I usually only buy unsweetened, I eat them raw and I enjoy the bitter taste, the yacon syrup adds to the taste of the nibs. It adds a light sweetness that isn’t overpoweringly sweet. Though it seems strange that total sugars and added sugars sections have a percentage of zero. Some of the nibs I have eaten also have a strange chemical/moldy taste. Though I have had the same issue with other brands.

    Overall, I would recommend these.

  99. Faithalina

    My husband and I have recently transitioned from a high sugar/dairy/processed food diet to ‘eating clean’. The transition was helped significantly by incorporating the Alovitox cacoa nibs wherever possible. Great to nibble on or to add to desserts like non-dairy chocolate mousse.

  100. Katie

    These are really tasty. A small handful gives me a good kick of caffeine energy. They’re slightly sweet and a little bitter, like dark chocolate.

  101. ShadowBaby

    I use these for when I am dieting dieting. I’m trying to stay off the sugar so I nibble on these and it works I also use in my protein shakes great product thank you

  102. Ellie

    I can have my chocolate with no guilt. Sugarless and naturally sweetened.

  103. Jacey Michaelson

    I loved using these cacao nibs for coconut flour pancakes when I dont have stevia sweetened chocolate chips I love dark chocolate but this is so much better because I dont have to worry about maybe a hint a dairy in it.

  104. Coulee

    These are the best cacao nibs on the market by far. They are bursting with flavor.

  105. enrique

    Very delicious my kids loved in their yogurt and desserts.

  106. MTB

    I used this product for snacking. I liked it. I would buy it again.

  107. Leigh

    Perfect to add to anything to add a little chocolate flavor. I have used them in yogurt and protein powder snacks.

  108. Linda P.

    I really like these cacao nibs. Great chocolate flavor with just a hint of sweetness and not overly fermented.

  109. Amazon Customer

    Good product

  110. Erin R

    Wonderful for the munchies. Filling, crunchy and versatile. Little hint for Keto dieters. 2 Tbsp cream cheese, some allulose or other no carb sweetener, and a few of these babies… easy CheatoKetoCheesecake tasting dessert.

  111. Shervl

    Nice alternative to chocolate chips for Keto recipes with only 1 carb per tsp! Not as sweet as chocolate chips but a great crunch added to keto chocolate ice cream and morning shakes.

  112. Brett Herman

    solid sweetened nibs!

  113. Yejin

    I use them for to help with a particular health issue, and they’re perfect for that. It seems that the expected nutritional characteristics are there since it really helps my condition.

  114. schwahn

    Thought cacao nibs were a great treat

  115. Dawn from Cali

    I love these cacao nibs. I put them in smoothies, a bowl of yogurt with berries, add to granola. I grab a handful of these instead of a handful of chocolate candy. NO GUILT!!!! Thank you for providing this product.

  116. AJ

    I really like the product, but the packaging seems to give it a noticeable plastic taste. Greener packaging would be preferable as this is a good organic product otherwise.

  117. patricia powell

    I loved this. I put it in my smoothies.and in my home made Chex mixes

  118. Mikko

    I’d definitely buy again

  119. JB

    I have been wanting to find cacao nibs with just a hint of sweetness – not the super sugary ones that are sweetened that I have tried. These are just the right amount of sweet to soften the bitter. And they are zero sugar and low carb! Amazing! Great texture and flavor. I will be buying these again.

  120. Amazon Customer

    bought these instead of the plain ones because of yacon syrup wanted to try something new, not good just by themselves they are good in desserts and protein shakes tho.

  121. Bamasue

    These cacao nibs are low calorie, don’t have the added unhealthy ingredients of chocolate candy, and don’t impact my blood sugar. They taste like crunchy bits of dark chocolate, satisfy my chocolate cravings, and I feel good about eating them. I definitely plan to order these again.

  122. Pet Lover #1

    It’s a bit too bitter. When I tried to bake with it, it made the brownie bitter also. But tastes can be subjective. The ingredients are good quality, tho.

  123. LA

    I loved this product. Very good and I am less guilty in eating this for a chocolate need. I mix it with my walnuts. I have also shared this product as gifts for Christmas to friends who are also paleo or keto friendly. Great product

  124. Mia J Grabner

    Absolutely love these little bits! Cures my chocolate cravings the smart way!

  125. Will M

    Great for adding crunch to treats. Not really sweet so it’s not over bearing in desserts and salads.

  126. Wen

    These taste amazing if your looking for a quick sugar free chocolate fix!

  127. Amazon Customer

    Cacao nibs are typically very earthy tasting, but these have just the right amount of sweet.

  128. Bonnie M. Voigt

    Just for nibbling…yummy

  129. CWS

    My favorite go to for adding some crunch and chocolate flavor to my sugar free recipes. Also works great in home made trail mixes.

  130. Jopasas

    I like these in waffles and chia seed pudding.

  131. Gina D

    Keto friendly and rich in flavor, alovitox cacao nibs will not disappoint! I love adding to my shakes and it makes them feel and taste like Starbucks Frappuccino!

  132. Sally Busse

    I bought these as I was changing my lifestyle and to have for a sweet treat. They are amazing.

  133. Amazon Customer

    Love these

  134. Gregory J. Kuhlmann

    These are the best tasting Cacoa Nibs out there. Delicious to eat right out of hand or to add to add to parfaits, puddings or muffins. The low carb outer coating sets it apart from all others. Our kids love them too.

  135. Stephanie Luther

    I love the taste and texture and the fact that they are low in sugar. I used them for Keto cookies and cake.

  136. Armando V.

    Being health conscious I obviously care about added sugar in the products I consume. I tend to avoid stevia because I dislike the aftertaste. These nibs are sweet to the perfect amount! I do not care about them being organic since I don’t believe in the organic lobby but I do care about the taste! I and they are SUPERB! I have tried several kinds of cacao nibs, even the the ones in food co-ops in the bulk section and none of them are as good as this brand! I’ve bought them 4 times already and they have become a staple in my pantry. Much love!

  137. Catherine Nichols

    Cacao nibs provide a guilt free taste when making treats around my house.

  138. Mary P.

    Luv them, great to put in smoothies.

  139. Lloyd George P

    So bitter. Not sure how the description says it is sweet. Will never ever buy again

  140. Steven Remer

    I have tried several Cacao Nibs. I keep coming back to this one. Great taste with yacon syrup.

  141. Sam Markwell

    Just the right amt of chicolate

  142. Katie

    great value and gently sweetened with yacon syrup…many uses

  143. Nathan

    Love these cacao nibs for a healthy snack. Also mix them in yogurt, smoothies, and anything you can think of. Will buy again! 🙂

  144. The Leahys

    The taste and amount you get for the price is great. We use them for acai bowls and smoothies for breakfast.

  145. Jessica M

    Amazing flavor

  146. Amazon Customer

    Love this product. Just sweet enough with no aftertaste. Gives a nice crunch to desserts.

  147. BianxF21

    This is, in my opinion, the BEST cacao nibs I’ve found among many brands. The sweet coat of Yacon syrup makes it superior to ordinary cacao nibs. I crunch on a handful every day(really).
    I would highly recommend it as a superior nutritional snack which makes you feel full and energized!

  148. Michael

    Mix a bit of the nibs with some almond butter for a tasty dessert or snack!

  149. michelle

    Taste good

  150. Rikki

    Love these. I like crunchy foods so these are a great crunchy, chocolaty addition to yogurt, berries & walnuts. I also roll them up into coconut wraps with mascarpone, sliced strawberries and chopped walnuts for a healthy desert. Highly recommend. Just the right amount of sweetness for those who like dark chocolate.

  151. mark e. preisman

    Great item in every way,but,tried to reorder today and no longer available…really annoying!

  152. MistiB

    Very yummy for a guilt free sweet crunch in yogurt, granola, ice cream etc. The little bit of sweetness balances the bitterness of the mind perfectly!

  153. Amazon Customer

    Love these nibs! They are just the right amount of sweet and never upset my stomach. I put them on berries and sprinkle nuts on top. Very healthy, very yummy.

  154. mtmcintire

    This stuff is awesome. I love the sweetened flavor of the cocoa nibs, which are usually bitter. I put a teaspoon in my yogurt for texture and extra flavor.

  155. Mechelle

    We love them!

  156. Debra L. Lata

    Great product

  157. WifeandHubby

    Love these! Great Keto snack and hits the spot!

  158. Diane C

    I love the crunchy, nutty and chocolaty taste. Two teaspoons of them on-the-go replaces my coffee in the morning!

  159. Smoothie Lover!

    These nibs are awesome! They are a great substitute for chocolate chips in cookies and don’t fully melt. Love the crunch in the cookie. Also excellent in smoothies. Love the very low sugar content while still providing a little sweetness. Hard to find in a store. Please keep carrying them.

  160. Melinda

    My daughter loves them, I am not as huge a fan. A bit bitter for my taste

  161. Rob C

    These are delicious! It’s an excellent way to consume this tasty nutritional powerhouse.

  162. Monarchy

    These have a great flavor and gave me energy.

  163. Linda V.

    I use them on green salads, fruit salads and take a couple of table spoons to take a hunger feeling away

  164. Amazon Customer

    We really like these cacao nibs but they are really pricey. We get the same ones at Costco for $8 For Same size (20oz)

  165. Gene G

    This is the PERFECT Keto snack food. Gets rid of the sweet cravings with less than 1 gm carbs per teaspoon. I’ve been Keto for 3 years and this is the best product to help in between meals and it’s super healthy with lots of anti-oxidants. Also when I grind up my coffee beans for fresh coffee I put in some nibs in the grinder. Adds a great nutty chocolate flavor to my coffee. Great product! Very addictive so get plenty its goes fast. Get some sugar free jello parfaits at the grocery ad little landolakes sugar free whipped cream and top with the nibs …Excellent!

  166. Lorelei Wiebe

    This is a wonderful tasting superfood that has fabulous flavor and texture! I like to use it in my Protein Balls and it helps give you that extra energy to keep going. I’ve tried other cacao nibs before (without the Yukan Syrup, which is natural) and none compare to this one. I do truly wish that this was a bit cheaper, but I do realize that you pay for quality.

  167. Beth Glasscock

    These are great for baking keto!

  168. Amazon Customer

    I could munch on these all day long, #yummy! Crunchy, sweet, and perfect for my keto perfect macro nuggets.

  169. Marquis Neal

    I love cacao nibs they are great sweeteners .

  170. Sylvia Romy

    Smooth taste, not too sweet

  171. Rocky

    ________ and delicioso!

  172. vt

    Delicious and healthy!!
    Used this in homemade trail mix
    Perfect combination with all natural nuts, pumpkin seeds, sun flower seeds, oats, honey, pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon

  173. Amazon Customer

    Taste pretty good

  174. Grekhava Tatiana

    I use them on granola, yogurt, ice cream, and straight out of the bag. It’s hard to find sugar free chocolate that isn’t sweetened with sugar alcohols, and this is one of my favorites. They are naturally a little bitter, so the yacon syrup gives it a good balance without making them really sweet. I’m really impressed with this and all the products we’ve been getting from Alovitox. As soon as I see Alovitox I’m comfortable with buying it, knowing we’re going to get the highest quality!

  175. Amazon Customer

    Love this product! Keto friendly!

  176. E.Cairns

    These are delicious. Sure, they don’t taste like chocolate chips but if you’ve recently dabbled in reducing your sugar intake along with other filler gunk, you’ll like them. To me they taste like a high % dark chocolate and they have a great crunch. I make a protein shake the constancy of pudding, add some of these to the top and it’s quite the treat.

  177. Daniel Ford

    OK for a quick bite of chocolate, but not as satisfying as chocolate chips.

  178. Jerry F.reeman

    We love the crunch and mild sweetness-and low calories. Good in oatmeal and just snacking.

  179. Amreezy

    Kinda bitter

  180. Erick Rubio

    I absolutely love these!!! These are a must buy compared to other brands.

  181. Amazon Customer

    On Keto? Great occasional snack, however, anything sweet has the potential of causing the release of insulin.

  182. L.L.R. Hampden

    I had gotten a different brand of chocolate nibs a couple months ago, and absolutely loved them. But these were nothing like that other brand. These chocolate nibs had the texture of sawdust, with almost no chocolate flavor. Very disappointed.

  183. mam

    For me, it was love at first bite because I am getting ready to do Keto and have a bit of a sweet tooth sometimes. So it was both ketogenic and organic – definitely a good match for me.

  184. oegeo

    These cacao nibs are delicious! No sugar, sweet, incredible taste, perfect for topping chia pudding & whipped cream- just wow! On a no/low sugar diet they are simply decadent!

  185. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for Keto diet. Great on berries and it satisfies that chocolate and crunchy craving. If you like dark chocolate you will love these without the calories

  186. debbie

    I was expecting bits a little larger to munch on, they are fine if you put them on something like yogurt but for just eating the bits they are quite small.

  187. K. Saul

    I’m a chocolate hound but can’t eat much sugar (eczema and other health issues). These let me get my chocolate fix. I often sprinkle them on my low suger cereal and I sometimes also will eat ~a tbsp straight. Keep in mind I like my chocolate extra dark, as in 88% chocolate bars (which I only eat 1 or 2 squares at a time and let it melt in my mouth!). I’ve tried other nibs that are plain and they’re too bitter. The yacon syrup gives it enough of a sweet note to counter that.

  188. theresa

    I did not receive the free cook book….Thank you.

  189. Gee Wuu

    These are my favorite!!!

  190. Julie Friddle

    I follow a Keto way of life and loving the addition of these Cocoa Nibs! Sugar Free (Naturally Sweetened). Keto Approved. I’ve added into my granola – topped my yogurt – topped my ice cream. Great treat and healthy too! Will keep these stocked in my pantry!

  191. cagomea

    Best nibs I ever had. Slight sweetness before the bite. I love them. And not rock hard

  192. M. M. Underwood

    Absolutely delicious! I love these cacao nibs, they never last long enough when I get a packet. The sweetness without sugar is delightful. They have the perfect crunch factor when you munch them. Everyone I’ve ever shared them with falls in love with them as well. Though I have to admit they taste so good it is sometimes hard to share them. I can’t speak highly enough about them.

  193. Marge

    Little pricey but very tasty!

  194. Jack W.

    Alovitox Cacao Nibs is an excellent product. I include it in my everyday morning breakfast.

  195. Sydney Walker Steele

    I love the flavor and always have some on hand.

  196. M. Chronowitz

    A tasty keto friendly treat. I want to try these in my fat bombs.

  197. Christina Kersten

    This brand of cacao nibs was the first cacao nibs I’ve ever tried and I love them! They’re the only ones I could find that are covered in Yacon syrup and it’s so tasty! I can honestly eat these on their own but I usually eat them with plain Greek yogurt and it really adds a nice flavor and some crunch

  198. JoAnn Slayton

    Great for Keto diet!

  199. Natalie Huynh

    I may have found a new favorite sweetened cacao nibs in this brand! Only thing is that it’s even more expensive than the Navitas one…

  200. Saxy Pants

    These are SO GOOD! And so good for you 🙂 Great for baking, making trail mix or just grabbing a handful when that craving hits.

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